09 December 2015

Australia : Melbourne to Grampians

Tarikh kejadian: 29th April 2015 - 9th May 2015 (fuh basiiiii)
Lokasi: Melbourne, Grampians, GOR, Tasmania, Sydney

lagi sebulan cukuplah setahun tak update blog.
banyak je benda nak tulis but i've been too lazy zzzz.
tapi hari ni tiba-tiba terajin pulak. Syaitan malas kurang kacau kot hari ni kui kui.

Ok, my flight to Melbourne was on 28th April 11pm. So sampai MEL pun memang on 29th la.
Cari office kereta sewa (sesat sampai kena tawaf keluar masuk airport 2 kali sebab office dia tersorok) pung pang pung pang at 1pm baru kitorang gerak to Grampians. ^^"

the route we took : Melbourne - Ballarat - Ararat - Grampians

love that cotton clouds and blue sky <3

windows wallpaper :D

Found this pretty pink roses at the petrol station that we stopped at for toilet break.
They were seriously pretty but obviously, this photo didn't do the justice.

 And then we stopped at Coles Ballarat to buy some groceries.
I just need to take this picture because you see, kiwi is cheaper than coconut and pineapple.

 And then we reached at a small town called Ararat. 

This town really looks like a cowboy town, and it's really clean.

 Autumn colors <3

 I just loveeee this house!

Jakun sikit la. ^^"

 partner in crime~

 Finally, reaching Grampians and that's our small-cute-car
We checked in to our one-night accommodation, rest a bit and headed to Reed Lookout

And, I'm gonna continue in the next post.
Syaiton malas dah sampai.

13 January 2015

Mabul 2015

it's always difficult to move on from good times that we had, even if it's just a short-good-time.
i miss u, mabul, dan segala isi di dalamnya. <3

16 October 2014

Bali - Tanah Lot

The afternoon after balik dari bermanja-manja dengan dolphin tu, our driver fetched us from the villa and then he brought us to Tanah Lot. Our driver on that day was Pak Ali, the elder brother to Mas Yanto. 

The plan for that day was to visit Tanah Lot and then enjoying the sunset at Jimbaran.
On the way to Tanah Lot tu, one of the girls nak tukar some money sebab kes kelmarin dah terlebih belanja dekat Krishna (-__-"). So lepas usha-usha rate tepi jalan tu the best rate yang kitorang nampak was 3,950 rupiah per RM. Quite ok i guess?

Pak Ali advised us to be careful and to not simply go to random money changer place whenever we wanted to exchange some money. He told us that the illigal money changers (like in convenient marts, souvenir places etc) have a tendancy to cheat on our money, where they will give us less amount of rupiah than we supposed to get. So people, kalau nak tukar duit dekat Bali, please go to the legal money changer place. Dekat sana memang senang gila nak nampak kedai-kedai biasa (kedai baju/kedai souvenir/kedai makan pon ade) yang offer tukaran wang asing ni, but better safe than sorry k.

So sampai-sampai Tanah Lot, Pak Ali told us to pretend to be locals before we get into the entrance gate (practically we had to keep quiet and let him talked alone). Why? Sebab entrance fee for locals is cheaper (10,000 rupiah)  than foreigners (30,000 rupiah). Zzzzzz. So sampai2 dekat gate je memang kitorang sume senyap je sambil buat muka yakin while Pak Ali bagitau the guard/cashier dekat entrance tu yang kitorang ni dari Indo jugak (-___-") Anything........anything for the cheaper price! Hahaha!

Anyway, Pak Ali turunkan kitorang dari entrance belakang yang tak berapa ramai sangat orang. Before masuk tu memang banyak gila kedai-kedai souvenir and we basically found 1 souvenir shop yang jual pretty bags with a very cheap price.

Beg ni harga dia 50,000 rupiah je! Like RM15? Murah kottttt. There's some other bags with different design and style too. Ada satu sling bag which memang lawa dia jual dalam 40,000 rupiah je! RM12! (o.O) Mula-mula kitorang macam hmmmmm..k kite survey-survey dulu nanti mana tau ada lagi murah kan. But you know, at the end kitorang terpaksa redho patah balik from the other exit sebab beg-beg dekat kedai makcik ni memang terbukti paling murah dekat Tanah Lot tu.

But anyway, we didn't make it for sunset watching at Jimbaran. Keluar dari tanah lot dah lambat, lepas tu macet..macet..macet! Nampak sunset dari dalam kereta je mampu T_T


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