25 August 2010

training - day 2.

baru 3rd day of training.
Today will be full of lectures and 1 fieldtrip.
Luckily it will be in KAL OC building.
Just near to our hotel, so jalan jela g sana.

Yesterday was really fun.
Fieldtrip all the day.
We went to KAL catering center, KAL cargo terminal, and KAL passenger terminal a.k.a airport.
Trip to catering center memang menterujakan kan la.
Masing masing jakun -_-"
sampai gamba jeju mineral water pun nak ambik gak
(but i guess that is quite ok sebab jeju mineral water adalah mahal =O)
and i guess the pics memang banyaj kat catering center sebab in the other 2 fieldtrips, tak boleh ambik gamba maa..

And the last fieldtrip at the passenger terminal memang terseksa because my kaki was completely melecet! T_T

today just hv one fieltrip and i guess it'll be fun also sebab we'll go to hangar~


  1. dah pegi jeju island ke sis??

  2. nnti jalan2 survey la citer korea yg best2..


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