07 March 2011

weekend at UTP.

yeah, i was at UTP last weekend for FESCO.
i will talk bout FESCO later, but rite now, I would love to write about a cat that I used to take care of when i was studying at UTP.
i dont have a proper name for her.
but we just called her IBU.
er, I dont have her LATEST photo.
and I'm so lazy to search for her pic in my folders.
but trust me, nothing change on her.
and the most important thing, she still have the same body shape. *apa rahsia beliau huh?*
the only thing that change would be her kittens. (-___-")

when i was in final semester, she has 3 kittens, which were finally kena buang by makcik cleaner.
then when i came to UTP last year in October, she has another kittens, which i believe, also dah kena buang.

and last week, when I came to UTP again,
homaigod~~~~~~different kittens again! (@_@)
and this time paling ramai dalam sejarah.
5 adorable kittens.

nampak macam barang jualan lelong pun adaa -.-"

i hope they can stay with their mother this time, at least until they can survive for foods by themselves.
not like their previous brothers and sisters =(

but hey.
kalau budak budak ni hilang, lagi 2 3 4 bulan confirm ibu dia dapat anak baru.
subur betul dia ek?
hot sangat ke sampai kucing jantan sentiasa menggilai beliau?


  1. gila bapak comellllllllll.

    howt la bonda mereka ye idak

  2. sumpah comelll!!!!!!aku tak tahan la tgk kucing skarang.sejak dah kehilang sara & isabel.tgk kucing geramm.esp anak kucing.uhuu

  3. @imran - hehe, comel kannnn

    @pakcik gumbira - haha, tu la psl..sbb tu gk la mak dia laku je memanjang. asek2 dpt anak -.-"

    @nita - heheh, ade hrpn bela kucing plk x pas ni?


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