05 July 2011

4D3N krabi vacation.

finally, we are safely back to malaysia. alhamdulillah.
after like 6 months planning for this vacation together, 
we totally had FUN there. hehe.
in this post i will just share the things we did in krabi - roughly, and will share in details in the next post. insyaAllah.

Day 1
Departed from LCCT at 1.25 pm, and arrived at Krabi International Airport at 1.50pm thailand time.

our resort had provides us with airport transfer service for free, so we straightly headed to our villa, Palm Resort.

the villa is situated quite far from the town, and the beach as well.
but we decided to stay here because we wanted some privacy so that we can berjimba jimba in the swimming pool privately.
anak anak gadis ni kan nak cuti sambil feeling ala ala dalam sex and the city.
tapi nak ambik yang mahal mahal memang tak mampu la~

yes, villa ni ada private swimming pool =D
plus, i guess this is the cheapest villa with private pool that we found.
however, there's nothing that we have to worry about, as there was shuttle services to aonang beach provided by our resort.

after settling down, we went to aonang, to explore the place, and find the best package for our phi phi island tour.

and surprisingly, we straightly bought the package from the first tour agent that we found.
plus, we bought the package for elephant trekking+emerald pool too. and both packages cost so much less than what we expected!
so yeah, that is one of the advantages of going there during the low season =D

then we went for foot massage!
pergh. seriously masyuk.
sampai aku tertidur ok!

it was 9pm when we finished the massage but almost all the shops in aonang were about to close due to the election in the next day.

so on that night, we just settling for dinner in the restaurant that thank-God-tak-tutup-lagi >.<

Day 2
the second day was fully booked for our phi phi island tour!

and of coz, massage lagiiiiiii~~~~

Day 3
day 3 was fully booked by elephant trekking pulak.
it was such a great experience ok!
kitorang sangat excited dapat naik atas gajah + pergi pool yang masyaAllah sangat cristal clear.

and lagi, massage~~~
heaven uollsss.
everyday dapat cheap massage.
and this time, i also did a manicure. hehe~

Day 4 
to be honest, day 4 is the only day that of all us can woke up late in the morning.
me and zetty decided to go to aonang for a while as zetty got some souvenirs that she wanted to find for her family.

kitorang checked out from the resort at 12pm, and headed to the airport.

it was such a bliss vacation.
thank you to my girls; zetty, rahmah, thirah, nita and dila for the sweet memory 

p/s: i wish i can wake up tomorrow morning and see that i'm still in krabi T_T


  1. nanti ajar taw mcmane nak pg sane. kos semua ape. taw. taw.

  2. waaa.da update!tak aci da wat draft.ahhaha.i will update mine tooo!

    it was a memorable exp wif all of you.senang sume satu kepala wat mende tak payh pk lame2. i think we managed to get the cheapest price evahh!yg lebih2 massage and shopping semataaa.haha

    ok.dr aku cite pnjng2 kat cni baik aku update blog aku kann?hahahha

  3. haha, ko tau xpe~
    yg ko g spore aritu pon bile nye ko nk upd8?

  4. haahhaahah nita boleh plak bercerita kat sini kannnn

    bile korang nak upload gambar ni nox?? aku xde gmabar :( mahu update blog gak hehee

  5. ok2, will upload some pics soon. haha

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