13 July 2011

Body Massage in Krabi and Total Expense for Krabi Trip

tak habis lagi kan aku cakap pasal krabi?
ok ok, aku pon da bosan ni tapi nak gak tulis. bagi blog aku tak bersawang. hehe!

massages service memang very cheap in krabi if compare with massages in malaysia.
dalam RM20 dah boleh dapat 1 hour foot massage. 1 hour ok!
kat uptown danau kota pun RM 20 baru dapat for 30 minutes =_=
sebenarnya massage memang sangat sangat murah kat seluruh thailand kot?
and there are lots of kedai massage too.
pilih jelah mana yang berkenan di hati~
plus, u must know how to bargain so that they can lower the price.
so yeah, i would say that it is really an advantage if u go there in group. like us lah! =p

and we did use all those advantages (cheap massage plus going in a group) to the fullest.
3 nights in krabi and we went for massages in all those 3 nights. hehe!

1st night ambik foot massage (THB 200),
2nd night ambik thai oil body massage (THB 250).
3rd night - foot massage again, and i did a french manicure too (THB 200 + THB 120). some goes for body scrub btw.
and the total cost for massage was just THB 770, which is lebih kurang RM 77.

ok, sampai sini jelah kot cakap pasal krabi.
aku sendiri bosan tengok blog aku banyak pasal krabi.
ntah pape.

so as coclusion, here is my total expenses for the 4D3N krabi vacation.

Flight ticket - RM295 (bought during airasia sale. and add on RM25 for baggage)
Accomodation - RM136.30
Phi Phi Islands tour - RM75
Elephant Trekking tour - RM85
Massage - RM77
Others (makan, tuk tuk, souvenirs, benda benda mengarut) - RM330

i exchange RM703 for THB6950, and the left baht is just THB 3 or thirty cents. haha~

tips: just exchange enough money into baht here in malaysia. there's no much different between the exchange rate. or maybe i can say that u can lose a bit if u exchange your money there. sekian~


  1. aku dah bace sume post krabi ko!! besttt!! sbb sgt informative~~ :D
    lepas ni buat poast psl korea plak ye~ :P

  2. lol, bukan ke kite pegi krabi aritu bsame2? gaya ko tulis cm blum g krabi je kan =.=

  3. nampak meanrik kat sna especially phi phi island tu.. nk msuk dlm list next vacation la, since expenses pun ok.. ;)

  4. kalau kawen dekat thai bape kos dia ek..hahaha ;))

  5. @eera - mmg mnarik! x rugi pon pegi :)

    @kimi - errr, 450? haha!

  6. Woww!!! nice trip. If you can’t decide for your next trip…Phuket is the best choice for you!!


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