11 July 2011

Halal Foods in Krabi

finding halal foods in Krabi was not difficult because majority of the residents there are muslim.
makanan penting untuk hidup ok!hehe.
here are some of the foods / restaurants that we've tried during our vacation.

Bamboo Restaurant
ok, actually we found this restaurant by luck during our first night in krabi.
it was like 9pm when we finish massaging and suprisingly almost all of the shops in aonang town were ready to close.
yeah, it's due to the election on the next day but we didn't aware bout it =__=
so we just walked along the street to find any restaurant which still open, and yeah, here we are at Bamboo Restaurant.

we ordered 5 dishes.

mixed tomyam, cashew beef, deep fried squid with garlic, and er, kailan. oh and watermelon juice for the drink.

my personal opinion, the taste was so-so.
the tomyam was quite cair, and not spicy + plus it's white tomyam. i wanted red tomyam! >.<
but still, i personally like the deep fried squid.
total price for 6 pax was around THB960 (RM96), which i think quite expensive, comparing with the dished portion that we received.

recommended? : hurm, u can go if u have no choice of where to eat. but most important, it's halal =D
location: across the road near (not so near tho) McDonald. u can find quite lot of restaurants there and one of them is Bamboo Restaurant.

Chaba Thai Kitchen
another halal restaurant in aonang town.
i got to know about this restaurant from other bloggers who had been to krabi as well.
but one thing is, their restaurant gor halal sign, but they serve cocktails

hambik kau. orgasm, sex bla bla bla segala ada.
ok whatever.
as long as they don't have pork and yang penting - yakin! haha.

only 4 of us wanted to eat nasi campur, so we ordered this:

chicken green curry, mixed veges, shrimp red curry, and plain egg.

oh there's a story.
at first, we actually ordered steamed veges because we  (or was it me??) thought that steamed means it would be like the steam fish tu, with sour and spicy cravy.
but yeah, the steam veges that was sent to us is the one which freshly steamed. plain. T__T
so we asked to change it to fried mixed veges.

oh, i love the red curry and of course, the green curry so much btw!
pedas but still tak berapa nak pedas if ikut tekak aku =_=
total price for 4 pax was THB500 (RM 50) which i think worth my money because sedap. hehe~

recommended: yes!
location: don't know how to explain =.= but u should be able to see the restaurant if u come to aonang town as it is located just beside the main road.

Street Foods
er, it's not a name of a restaurant ok.
street foods are quite popular in aonang.
they are many stalls selling variety of foods from pancake to heavy meal like fried rice along the road.
i think, during the night, the location for street foods which are quite famous would be near McDonald.

we did try the street food for dinner on the last night, which was not bad, and cheaper than those in the fine restaurants =D

- tomyam kung which is fuhh-finally-i-found-red-tomyam and sedap~
- shrimp fried rice with red curry paste
- watermelon and mango shake.

and last but not least, Thai Pancake!!

1. i've tried of course the famous banana choc pancake. memang sedap! =D
2. and also banana nutella which was ordered by my girlfriend. sedap jugakk.
and er, my girlfriends were quite crazy when they decided to order the so-they-called-it-unique pancake.
3. banana butterscoth which is quite ok.
4. and tomato+onion+cheese pancake?? *pengsannn*

anyway, thai pancake is everywhere in aonang.
so no problem at all to find them.

actually before the vacation, i already came out with my very own personal list on the foods / restaurants that i definitely wanted to try/go in krabi:

1. banana choc pancake - checked!
2. green curry - checked!
3. thai tomyam kung. the spicier the better. hehe! - checked!
4. wangsai seafood restaurant - not check =__=

but why eh i couldn't find any restaurants/stalls which selling somtam / mango salad? they have papaya salad but i don't like it because it's sweet. i want mango salad! *pegi johny's la macam ni T_T*


  1. agak2 ko dah gemuk ke belum ni? kalo tak gemuk, tak tau ler. kemain lagi macam jalan2 cari makan ko jelajah xD

  2. eyy..bab makan2 ni yg aku malas nak nengok neh.hu3

  3. @eny - rse pon mmg yummy! =)

    @faiz - sedap!

    @mymoon - er..ak mmg da smulejadi gemuk gk la. gemuk dr dlu T_T

    @aleen - ok, g men jauh2! =p


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