20 August 2011

Funky Villa - e@curve

last thursday, i was having buka puasa with the girls.
thai cuisine buffet, and i must say that it is totally worth  my money. =D
we bought the ramadhan buffet offer of this restaurant from groupon.my for rm35/pax.
if normal price, i don't know how much. (=.=')
ok, rm35 for working people is still reasonable la kan.
kalau still student takyah cakap pape k. dulu aku pon mampu makan megi goreng mamak harga rm3.50 je. =p

i must say that the ambiance of this restaurant is quite good and exclusive.
though at first i was thinking like: the decorations resemble a bar-style cafe, but yeah, they provides thai cuisine. not match not matchhhhh.
but still, i love the ambiance.

the foods?
couldn't say more but i was totally satisfied with the foods provided.
lot of choices even though it is not really a lot laaa.
but most important thing?
haruslah sedapppp!

so itu sajalah kisahnya.
the activity after that was just browsing around the curve, window shopping..bla bla bla.
pastu tiba tiba je the curve gelap.
sebab dah pukul 10 malam =.=

so kalau pergi the curve boleh lah consider funky villa as one of the place that u can go bila lapar. ok? =D


  1. sebelum smpi funky villa, nampak mcdonalds mcm sedap jeeee. tapi bile dh makan kat funky villa, mcdonalds jeling pon takkkk. hahaha!

  2. ape yg x naek? bdn? jgn ttpu dgn gmba =p

  3. wahh temapt tu exclusive.. tp dengan bajet dia.. ika rasa berbaloi sangat2 dah..

  4. kan? normal price xtau bpe but rasenye kalo normal die provide ala carte. harge die pun xd la overrr.


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