27 August 2011

Koryo-won restaurant @ klcc

i've been craving for bibimbap after doing some research (pergh research tu baiii) regarding the foods that we possibly can eat during our vacation to korea next year.
and after that, my housemate, weda suddenly said that she feels like eating korean food,
and after that again, my other friend, zetty, told me that she's craving for korean food as well because of..er..well..because of my influence of the crave.

so here we go!
i won't say that this is my favourite korean food restaurant even though i've been here for 3 times, because..it's not really cheap. but not that overpriced though (yeah lets not talk about the BBQ set which is super expensiveeeee @_@).
but this is the nearest korean cuisine restaurant that we can reach after the office hour. (exept for zetty as she's already on her holiday today).

i tried the same menu, kimchi chigae, during my first & second visit here, because i just like it so much! =)
so these are what we ordered.

dolsot bibimbap or stone pot bibimbap. rm28.
the portion is big. 2 persons can share one pot of this anyway.
and the taste is nice!
* at least nicer than the vegetarian bibimbap that i used to eat in korea T.T*

yukgaejang or spicy beef & vegies soup. rm 30.
tastes nice too. =D

tteokbokki or spicy rice cake. rm30.
also nice! seriously =D

haemul pajeon or seafood pancake. rm30.
honestly, the first bite of this reminds me of cucur udang's taste.
but it's really nice!
kalau ada sambal kicap lagi layan woooo. boleh?

bachan or side dishes. free. and can be refilled for 1 time. hehe.

the total price for our 'visit' here was like 167 something.
but the quality deserves the price, so yeah, no complaint =)

p/s: perut mengalami kekenyangan melampau after makan bibimbap. oh nooo.


  1. owhhh aku xpnah mkn mkanan korea. pnah kot..tp mmg da xmoh mkn lg. maybe ko leh bwk aku n rekemen best2 hahaha

  2. nak ke korea pula? seronoknya dapat jenjalan :')

  3. @rahmah - haha, ak bkn nye minat sgt mknn korea pon. tp kdg2 je ble dtg angin nk mkn tu mmg mngidam len mcm.
    bley2, nnt bley try koryo won. haha

  4. @eny - hehe, bcoz i luv travelling.


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