28 September 2011

final weekend of syawal 1432 hijrah

i spent it at Genting Highlands with these 2 girls.
i once said that i never want to go to genting again after my first visit there.
but guess what?
i've been there for 3 times within this one year and i don't know why. zzzzzzzzzzzz. cakap tak serupa bikin. yes kick me please.
maybe because i'm addicted to its cockscrew? (=_=')

oh speaking bout cockscrew,
the front seat, the middle seat, the very-last-back-seat, i've tried all.
and for me, the back seat was like !(%!^!_#! 
seriously the most horrible and scariest seat. 
the cockscrew has finally screwed me up. T.T

and the space shot, i think my soul was tertinggal dekat atas for like few seconds when it 'shot' us down. T.T

oh i love the flying coaster by the way. weeeeeeeee~


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