31 July 2012

Korea Spring 2012; Day 3 pt. 1 - Fly to Seoul~ N Seoul Tower

So we headed to Seoul on the 3rd day in Korea. Last time from Seoul to jeju, we all took different flights. Jeju Air, Eastar Jet, and Korean Air.

Basically there is a lot of domestic flights to jeju in Korea but not all of them can be booked online from abroad. Mostly because they only accept Korea Credit Card for credit card type of payment.

Note: Most domestic airlines in Korea already accepting visa/mastercard credit cards as of 2013. yea!

Some of the available airlines would be Jeju Air & Eastar Jet. These 2 airlines will frequently have sales and you can buy the return tickets from Seoul to Jeju for less than RM200. Some more you dont have to pay for the luggage fee because they aready include the 20kg luggage limit for you. And can even choose your preffered seat for free! So worth it!~ If only  Air Asia can do that..Ni nak tambah everything pon kene bayar :(

So on that day we all took Jeju Air, departure time at 1025am.

Once arrived at Gimpo Airport, we straightly headed to our guesthouse which located in myeongdong.
It's already noon by the time we checked in into the guesthouse, so after checked in and settling everything, we went to Namdaemun Marketplace for lunch. I read about the restaurant there from Budget Travel to Korea. Go visit that blog if u are planning to go to Korea independantly without travel agent. It's very helpful~

Our guesthouse! Will write about the review later ^^

You know what? it's so packed with people at Namdaemun that time :/ and actually we missed the sign to the restaurant several times. tapi kitorang sesat with hasil. dalam nak cari2 kedai we managed to shop few things from the shops there  (-.-")

-Namdaemun market place-

Finally! we found the sign that we're looking for! The red Indian mannequin on the right side and pig legs stall on the left side =O

Go into that small alley until you found the-four-junction-alley. You see the white-shirt man standing there? There's the junctions. Then turn left at the junction and if I'm not mistaken this restaurant is at the 3rd or 4th on your right. Though I'm sure that this is not the restaurant that we were looking for but there's no pork served so we agreed to eat here.

our lunch. The dishes that we ordered were just taufu stew and the grilled fish. Others were side dish and the stimmed egg was a service menu which is free of charge. Total charged was 16,000 won which is super cheap~ and not forgotten, super yummy~~~

Finish with lunch, we continue walking around namdaemun market for a while before heading back to myeondong to put all the shopping stuffs in our guesthouse and went to N Seoul Tower.

N Seoul Tower
To go to seoul tower, we took the yellow shuttle bus which is provided from the bus stop near myeongdong subway station exit 2. The shuttle brought us to the cable car station which took around 5 minutes to get there. At first, i'm thinking about just walking up from the shuttle drop-by point to the tower but you know...it's not that near anyway T.T
So we took cable car instead!

-while waiting for the shuttle-

-cable car station-

The return ticket costs around 8,000 won. One way ticket is 6,000 won. So please, think smart. hahahah!

We just walked around the ground area of the tower, and didn't go up to the viewing point deck on the tower. If u want to go up there also can~~, kindly pay 7,000 won for the ticket. hehe~

so here is the famous love keys place near the tower. It was not only packed with love keys, but also packed with people at that time. And I believe it will be more packed at night -.-"

Around 5pm, we went back to our guesthouse. And this time, we decided to just walking from the cable car station to our guesthouse because we BELIEVE that our guesthouse is walking distance from there.

While walking, we dropped by at this place! Seoul Animation Center. But unfortunately, it's already closed so we decided to come back again on the next day.
*sambung jalan balik guesthouse*

Oh and yes, our guesthouse is reeally walking distance from the cable car station~ phewww ^^

oh I need to sleep already. To be continue ya~~ heee

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