16 July 2012

Little France Hotel; Seogwipo, Jeju Island

We stayed in this hotel for 3 days 2 nights.
Booked the room from Agoda for around RM150+-/night

The Hotel & Room
There are few types of rooms and we choose the Modern type room.
Simple, fresh, and yes comfortable :D
All the basic facilities are provided, of course.
There's no breakfast provided though, but we got no problem with that :D

the reception area. feels like home huh?

the room~

the toilet is spacious!
shower corner is nicely separated from the toilet by a divider.
tapi tak ambik betul betul la pulak. ce tengok dekat cermin tu jela.
cuma bathtub takde la yep.

The hotel is located in seogwipo area, which is in the south side of jeju.
from the airport, it took about 40 minutes by private car.
easy access to coffee shops and restaurants, because the hotel is situated in seogwipo town.
even e-mart is situated 5 minutes by car from the hotel.
And there's a lot of tourists attractions in its nearby area, you can even go to one of the famous waterfall by walking. More, it's walking distance to the bus terminal, in case if u want to explore jeju by public transports.

Basically, it is a wise choice if you are looking for a budget hotel in jeju. 

-some random pics during night walk near the hotel-


  1. agoda mmg bbaloikn.. lps ni pegi mna2 mmg i akn tgk agoda dlu.. ;)

  2. ¤eera - yesss sgt! Lg2 kalo at d same time ade dscount kn. Hehe

    ¤e'in - yep, ok la. Cmfortable. Lg pn bkn wholeday dlm blk pn. Tdo je kt cni. Hehe

  3. wah bestnye...selalu ke guna agoda...takut jugak nak ambil pakej online ni...

    Jemput untuk menyertai Give Away Contest saya



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