11 August 2012

Korea Spring 2012; Day 3 pt. 2 - Cheonggyecheon Stream

Cheonggyecheon Stream
On our first night in seoul, we went to the famous Cheonggyecheon stream but before that, we had our dinner at Gukdae Teokbokki which is situated just on the way from our guest house to myeongdong subway station.

Location of Gukdae Teokbokki : Myeongdong subway station Exit 3. Turn left after the stairs and walk a bit passes 7-eleven.

It just a small restaurant je sebenarnya~

-Some notes left by the customers as decoration

and these were what we had for dinner!

teokbokki; spicy rice cake

odeng; fish cake

twigim; fried stuffs


Trust me, they are so delicious!~
especially the teokbokki. as much as how delicious the teokbokki that i've tried here in KL, still tak boleh lawan the taste there. Originality isn't it?

Done eating.

Cheonggyecheon Stream
So basically, I thought we can just walk to the stream but suddenly it seemed so far~ (-.-") Finally we just took a subway from myeondong to city hall, exit towards Cheonggyecheon Stream . Still need to walk a bit from the station to the stream anyway.

walking towards the stream >.<

here we are!
this place is packed with people at nights. perhaps this is their 'lepak'ing spot huh? just like Dataran Merdeka in KL. eh?

oh hye! :p

That's all we did on the 3rd day in Korea. I think I falled into sleep once I touched my head on the pillow that night. Exhausted but fun!

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