17 August 2012

Namsan Guesthouse, Seoul

Few people keep asking about my accommodation in Seoul during the vacation there.
So I think I'll write about the guesthouse's review first.

During the 5 days 4 nights in seoul, we stayed in Namsan Guesthouse.
Got to know about this guesthouse through 'googling'. heheh.
The hunting for a guesthouse in seoul had started since last year, which is few months after we booked the flight tickets. *we booked the tickets approx 1 year before departure date -.-"*
semangat gila eh? serious gigih google sana google sini, and lastly we agreed to stay here.

the location is the main plus points for this guesthouse.
it's located near to myeongdong subway station and just few minutes walk to myeongdong shopping street woot!~~
and yes, we actually went to this shopping street whenever we wanted to.

 The Guesthouse
Namsan Guesthouse is separated into 3 locations but they are still in the same area.
- The original namsan guesthouse (namsan 1) is located a bit further up the hill.
- Then namsan 2 which is the one that we stayed in
- and namsan 3 which is the newest building of namsan guesthouse.

-Namsan 2-

Personally, I love the design and the decoration of namsan 2.
simple & chilling.

-soft-board inside the guesthouse which decorated with pictures and notes left by the guests-

The Room
We booked 2 rooms, Namsan 2 twin A & Namsan 2 VIP 3.
me and zet took twin A room so the other 2 guys took the vip3 room.
And all the VIP rooms is located in separate buildings from the other rooms in Namsan 2.
However both rooms that we booked got a same price, 55,000 won per night (around RM 154)

Basically the room size is just nice for 2 person.
clean, simple, and it's attached with flat tv.
The toilet is clean too, and all the basics toiletries (shower foam, shampoo, toothpaste) & towels are provided.

-Namsan 2 Twin A room view from the door

-we choose double decker bed-

breakfast is also provided everyday.
I'm not sure what they served because most of the times we're having breakfast outside or if not,we just ate from the packages that we brought from malaysia. but coffee is available all the time in the pantry. love it! hehee.
oh and not forgotten, free wifi is also available for the guests.

so overall, it was a nice stay in Namsan Guesthouse
for me, i dont really need a high class accomodation for a vacation like this, where we're not spending most of our daytimes in the room.
but the room must be comfortable so that i can rest to the fullest at nights.
tapi kalau budget besar ke, honeymoon ke, memang stay hotel besar la kann.

How to get here from Incheon airport by Subway
Take AREX (airport railway line) from incheon airport straight to Seoul station.
From seoul station, take subway line 4 straight to myeongdong station and get out from exit 3.
look for pacific hotel and walk towards the hotel.
 then take the right side of the road from the hotel. namsan guesthouse will be at your left. you will see namsan 3 first before u arrive at namsan 2.

yes, this is the cheapest way, look simple yet the journey took like 1 hr and 15 minutes. hahahaha but who cares? =p

For further information, u can go to their official website.
Link : http://www.namsanguesthouse.com/

More information about Namsan GH:  Namsan Guesthouse 3


  1. dkt ngan tmpt shopping.. patut laa.. hehe

  2. hey there, thank you for posting this up since i am planning a trip to korea soon, your blog post gave me a little bit of clue on this guesthouse which i am surveying on.

    may i know if there is any difference between a VIP and a normal room? i am torn on which to book.

  3. hey thank you for your post, since i am planning a trip to korea soon, your blog post give me some clue on this guesthouse that i am surveying on.

    may i know what is the difference between a VIP and a normal room? i am torn on which to book.

  4. hi.thank u for the info.sy dh booked guesthouse ni..nk tnye, tmpat ni ade sediakan iron x utk gosok baju?then, lagi satu.dia ade sdiakn adapter or extension x if nk guna power supply/plug tu lbih dari sorg?

    1. hi~

      alamak, lupe plk if they provides iron or not. maybe yg ni bole try emel d guesthouse n ask them bout it.
      for adapter, yes, they hv extra adapter for us to borrow but extension mybe x kot. sebab if dorg ade extension pon the plug still x same mcm mlaysia pnye kan? so for safety, better bring ur own extension je :)

  5. Hi there May i know how much is the cost for the AEX (per person) and Seoul subway train fare (per person) to Namsam Guesthouse?

    1. hi~
      the fare is 3,950 won from incheon a'port to myeongdong station.
      if u have a smartphone, u can download an application called 'jihachul'. it's a subway map app which also let u know the fee for every journey ;)

  6. Salam, saya nak tanya, saya bercadang nak ambil namsan guesthouse 1, dan persoalannya sekarang, adakah namsan 1 tu terlalu jauh dari myeongdong station? and terlalu berbukit kah untuk ke namsan guesthouse 1 tu ye? berapa agak2 estimated time dari myeondong st. berjalan ke namsan guesthouse 1?

    terima kasih kalau dapat jawab soalan saya. :)

    1. salam..
      i'm not really sure about how far namsan gh 1 from myeondong stn is sbb xpenah stay namsan gh 1 :)
      rasanya still within walking distance la and based from experience there, distance is not d matter tp sbb area tu berbukit. and namsan gh 1 mmg jauh sikit dr subway if compare to d others namsan gh, so if travel with luggage agk leceh + penat jgk la.


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