16 October 2012

Korea Spring 2012: itinerary

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actually, it's really not necessary to share my itinerary here because there're lots of travel websites which provide the suggested itinerary for those who wanted to travel to korea by their own.
So just assume that this is for my own future reference ok :p

But to those who love adventure and prefer to create their own itinerary; no matter where you plan to travel to; please make sure that you have a proper map of that location/country/island.
it'll make your plan easier and more organized as you know the location of the attraction that you are going to visit, and you'll know which place you should go after that.

oh and, i just checked my total expense for this trip.
RM3,118 for everything; flight ticket, accomodation, foods, domestic transportation, and even shopping.
if you dont plan to do much shopping there, you can expect lower expense than this.
and if you dont plan to go to jeju island, it'll be even less than that! :)

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  1. boleh tak emailkan itinerary ni di nhafirdaus@yahoo.com sebab klik besar pun tak berapa nak nampak hehehe rabunla katakan. thanks


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