16 February 2013

Boracay Island Vacation; Day 1 - The Long Journey


So inilah dia post about my boracay vacation, 2 weeks after I came back into the real world.
Konon semangat, tapi apakan daya, malas tetap menang pfft. >.<

Ok, marilah kita bermukadimah dulu. Kalau taknak baca mukadimah, pandai2 lah korang scroll bawah~
Nak dijadikan cerita, sejarah aku teringin yang amat nak pergi boracay was started in 2009, after I watched a korean movie, 'Romantic Island'.
The shooting took place there in Boracay, and It's totally love at first sight after seeing the breath taking scenery of the island, and that time I was like " ahaaaa! nak pegiiiiiiiiiii!!! I will definitely go there someday!".
So last year in July, my girlfriend's texting me saying that Air Asia was having a promotion so maybe we should go to boracay this time.
At first I withdrew the offer. Seriously, I really thought that I cant go for any vacation this year because kononnya I already have another biggg plan; so I really have to control my budget flow. >.<
But the next thing I realized was that I already booked my Boracay tickets , and really thinking....deeply think about it just after that. And there we go. 
Tapi kalau tak pergi nanti membazir je kan sebab dah beli pun tiket..Kalau pergi memang confirm terbazir duit lah. hmph. whatever.
Dan dan lepas tu berderet pulak vacation plans for this year, so there u go my so called 'control the budget flow'. puiiiii.

So kisahnya, our flight from LCCT to Clark was departed at 6.45am.
I guess that was my first time boarding into a flight that early in the morning.
Jadi kekdahnya the night before tu kitorang berkampung dekat rumah zetty in klang, and we off to the airport at 4am @.@ 
Our route to boracay was KL<->Clark<->Kalibo, and then we had to ride a boat  from Caticlan jetty to cagban port in Boracay as there's no direct flight to that island.

Pagi tu sempat breakfast ringan2 dekat Old Town, then dalam flight melantak nasi lemak pak nasir. The best 'nasi lemak in flight' i tell u! er...

The flight took about 3 hours+ and we arrived at Clark (Diosdado Macapagal International Airport) at around 1030am.
Lepas tu pulak, our flight to Kalibo was scheduled to depart at 1230pm, but thanks to Tiger Airways for delaying the flight to 240pm. 

owww yes btw, we took Tiger Airways from Clark to Kalibo.
masa tu tak naik AA jugak sebab apa ek? sebab departure time tak match dengan arrival kitorang kot? ke sebab takde flight on that day (?) ok tak hengatt. >.<

pastu nak tau takkk, Clark airport kecik je weyh.
Immigration counter yang bukak pun cuma 2 je so aku rasa dekat setengah jam (or maybe more) jugak kitorang beratur tunggu turn nak lepas.
Then bila keluar dekat arrival hall..it was like, krik...krik...krik....nothing that caught our attention.
wifi pun takde. sangat mati kutu tau.

last2 dia macam takleh jadik kan..so kitorang pergi beli smart sim, topup secukup rasa and terus subscribe internet.
lepas tu masing masing jadik anti social. ceh.

And finally....boarding time again!~
FYI, dekat philippines, all the terminal or airport taxes or visa fees are paid by cash after check in dekat counter.
So jangan terkejut pulak lah bila tiba tiba korang kena bayar few hundred pesos dekat immigration officer, lepas tu tak pasal pasal nak buat drama swasta kata abang officer tu pau duit korang dekat airport. Lempang nak?

Our flight touched down dekat Kalibo international airport at 3.45pm.
Ok takleh hepi dulu sebab agak jauh lagi nak sampai boracay ok T_T
From Kalibo, we had to go to Caticlan Jetty.
We didn't book the transportation to the jetty in advance but no worries, there's a lot of agents which provide the airport<->jetty transfer at the airport.  :)
So that time, we took a bus and the package had also included with pumpboat fee to boracay + shuttle to our hotel.

So the journey to Caticlan Jetty took almost 2 hours from Kalibo. yes 2 hours~~
and it's already dark when we arrived there (~_~)

local view along the journey to caticlan.

luckily it didn't took a long time from the jetty to Cagban Port (boracay). around 10 minutes i guess? and we finally arrived on the island at 7pm! fuhhhh.
honestly, nothing can describe how i felt that time masa mula mula sampai dekat boracay.
more than happy i guess? like homaigod cannot percaya that i was finally there on my dream island!
nasiblah da malam so tak nampak sangat how fascinating the island is. kalau tak lagi gila aku agaknya.  hahahaha.
tapi kegilaan ittew tak tertunjukkan sebab aku dah agak penat. 12 hours of journey weyh T_T

ok sambung story.

tengoklah..masa ni sebenarnya baru pukul 6.45pm. tapi dah gelap macam pukul 7.30 malam pulak >.<

The ride by shuttle van from cagban port to our hotel took another 10 minutes.
And we finally checked in to the hotel after more than 12 hours of journey. haha~ 
oh, we stayed in Best Western Boracay Tropics, for the first 2 nights. Gonna review about this hotel in other post later.

we didn't want to waste much time in the hotel as we got a mission to do!
so after resting for a while in our room, we got ready and heading out to white beach area.

But then masa tu kitorang dah lapar tahap menggila punya, so kitorang decide pergi makan dulu then barulah settlekan pape yang patut.
After browsing around (or maybe sebenarnya lost tak tahu mana kedai nak dituju), kitorang settled for our dinner at Tilapia 'N Chips [facebook].
They served mostly seafoods, got chicken and beef but no pork! so, kita yakin saja ok?

Dah lepas makan, kitorang keluar balik to the shop-lots at the front beach.
we got a mission, remember?
ok, actually the mission that I meant was to hunt for our activities packages in the island.
The easiest way is to just book the package in advance (online) but if you buy the package directly from the agent there, boleh lah tunjuk bakat buat muka kucing sambil tawar2 harga..
Banyak je ok agent2 yang duk offer activities package dekat sepanjang2 jalan tu.

Then tak lama pun kitorang survey.
Rasanya ni second agent yang kitorang approached kot.
Discuss blablabla, kitorang terus decide nak ambik dengan diorang.
Parasailing, Helmet Diving, Private Tour Island Hopping and ATV. They quoted 4,300 peso but we asked for 4000 peso. And of course we got it laaaa.

ini dia our tour guards. ramonito and wanito. nama comel belaka. baik jugak.
kalau korang pegi boracay boleh lah carik dorang :)

Lepas tu, terus balik hotel to rest and physically prepared ourself for the fun on the next day ^^

>>Day 1 Expenses:
Clark to Kalibo Airport Terminal Fee: P150
Kalibo Airport -> Caticlan jetty transfer: P300
Caticlan Jetty Terminal Fee: P100
Environmental fee @Caticlan Jetty: P75
Dinner: P230
Misc: P619
Activities Package: P4,000
Total Expenses Day 1: P5,474

Average price for activities, separately are: Parasailing (P1500), Helmet Diving (P700), ATV (P500), Private tour Island Hopping (P1,700)
Total: P4,400
Island hopping is a lot cheaper if you dont take the private tour which is P700 :)


  1. suraya, activities package P4,000 untuk seorang or for the whole group?

    parasailing P1500 eh..is it for one person or whole group as well?
    kita dapat P1600 untuk 2 person...last year..

    1. 4k tu per person. yg parasailing tu pon per pax jugak...
      tersangat cheap ok 1600 for 2 pax tu!! seyesly! how did u get that prc? :O


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