23 February 2013

Boracay Island Vacation; Day 3 - ATV & Mount Luho

So it's the day that we supposed to check-out from Boracay Tropics and check in to the new hotel in Station 3.
Why checked in to new hotel? It's a long story, but to make it short, lets say that it's all because of flight cancellation/delayed/postponed by Air Asia.
The original plan was to leave boracay on tuesday, early in the morning so that's how we planned to stay in somewhere nearer to the port.
But then because of the mess by Air Asia, we somehow had to reschedule our flight, leaving boracay on Monday's night.
Anyway, we already booked a room at Station 3, in Sheridan Villas Boracay. But due to so many negative reasons, we decided to cancel the booking when we actually already arrived at the villa. If I had to state the main reasons, they would be because of the location that is toooooooo far from 'civilization' and also because of the way we were treated, where our booking was not even properly recorded in the system.
But I will admit that the beach around there is so damn blue! beautiful and peaceful as there weren't so many people stayed at that area.

And somehow, we managed to check in to La Carmela de Boracay, in station 2 which is actually near to Boracay Tropics but this resort is located right in front of the beach.

So on that day, we already made an appointment with the tour guide for ATV ride at 2pm.
Wanitto couldn't accompany us that day, so it's Ramonitto who's guided us.

..on the way to meet Ramonitto, and it was a bright, beautiful day.

fefeeling cam vvip sebab orang ambik gambar candid masa turun dari van :p

we were given an instruction before riding the ATV. It didn't sound so difficult at that time.

getting ready..

and that's how the scarf and the sunglass altogether made me (us) look like criminals (-.-")

for this ATV agent/ company, they gave us 1 round of practice to ride the ATV within their area before went out to the main road.
The route was difficult. You know how jalan kebun looks like? It was like that. Jalan tanah merah yang tak rata + berlekuk-lekuk + berbukit2 tu.
And seriously, it was hard for me. T_T
I even thought to just gave it up if our route to Mount Luho was going to be like that.
But surprisingly, jalan nak pergi Mount Luho adalah jalan raya normal tu hohohohoho *thank God :'D
Lalu aku pun feeling2 rempit sikit la. *muka berlagak*

After riding for almost 10 minutes, we arrived at  Mount Luho.
Entrance fee is 70 peso, FYI.

Mount Luho is the highest point in Boracay, and from the top of the hill, you could see the breathtaking view of Boracay.

The upper pic shows the Ilig-Iligan beach at the left side from the view point while the below one is Bulabog Beach, at the right side.

That evening, we stopped by at the famous Jonah's Shake, and I tried the 'Banana Chocolate Peanut' shake. Berlemak al menggemukkan >.<"

Lepas tu, jalan jalan tepi pantai and planned to stop by at Willy's Rock. Satgi ramai pulak orang camwhoring bagai kan so we decided to go there again in the next morning.

We just jalan jalan along the beach and remembered that we hadn't eat for lunch. The day before during the island hopping, Ramonitto told us that we can buy the raw seafood and ask any restaurant to cook them for us.
There are lots of restaurants there that provide cooking service anyway.

So we went to the wet market at D'Talipapa and bought some shrimps, squids, and a fish. Apa ntah nama ikan tu (-.-').
Then we headed to one of the shop at D'Talipapa, which actually selling souvenirs, but at the back of the shop, there's actually a small restaurant which provides the only halal dishes in Boracay.
Lauk lauk yang diorang ada simple je rasanya. telur goreng, ayam & ikan goreng and maybe ada sup kot?
As on that day kitorang ada lauk sendiri, so we came to ask them to cook for us.

...and all the raw foods turned to  yummy dishes! Sotong goreng tepung, Udang goreng halia, and ikan sweet sour (kot).

If there's any of you wanted to ask for cooking service or eat the ready-served halal meals, go find souvenir shop no #74 at D'Talipapa, they called it Khalil Muslim Food. :)

Malam tu kitorang plan nak tengok live band lagi sebenarnya, tapi last2 semua tumbang awal! er kecuali Farah. zzzz.

>>Day 3 Expenses<<
Mt. Luho entrance fee: P70
Jonah's Shake: P110
Dinner: P240
Misc: P58
Total: P 478

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