06 February 2013

Those eyes that I cant forget

Everything yang Allah turunkan, temukan,beri pada kita, semuanya satu dugaan.
And it's depend on how we react to it, which finally turns it into a bless, or disguss.

Semalam Allah bagi dugaan dekat aku.
Terjumpa anak anjing masa on the way back home from work.
Aku sayang binatang. Normally bila jumpa strays aku kesian2 macam tu je. Ada makanan aku bagi sikit, kalau takde then dah la.
Tapi tak pernah lagi aku bagi makan dekat anjing.
Semalam aku cuma ada donat kosong dengan aku, which aku fikir anjing tak mungkin lah nak makan.
So that's it. Setakat kesian2, keraskan hati and terus jalan balik rumah.

But those eyes.
Those eyes that showed me how scared it is.
Those eyes that hoping for a help.
And aku tak boleh ignore anymore.

Mintak tolong housemate belikan puppy food.
Contact MDDB and discuss to send it to AMC so they can pick the puppy up the next day, which is today.
Lepas tu gigih pergi jusco konon nak beli carrier. Tapi carrier adalah mahal so pergi cari kotak kosong.

I remember I told myself that I want to settle it as soon as possible, sebab aku dah rasa penat, aku nak rehat2 dekat rumah as soon as possible.

Yes, I guess God made thing easy for me.
A blessing in a disguss.
By the time sampai and try nak kutip the puppy, I found it dead already.
I dont know how, I dont know why, but it's dead.

Yes, it's a good thing that the puppy doesn't need to suffer any longer.
But if only I knew that it was his last evening yesterday, I would have give my doughnut to him when I first found it.
At least he wouldnt has to die in a hunger.
At least he knew that there's still pity and love for him.

But everything's too late.

Yet, those eyes that I still remember, they hold a regret in me.


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