11 March 2013

Sao Nam; the Viatnamese Cuisine

Went to this restaurant for lunch on last friday noon.
I never realize about the existance of this restaurant, though I have been to that area for few times before (-.-")
The exterior design looks like an old shop style, and the interior decoration is quite impressive too; so viatnamese-like.
All of us chosed the lunch set on that day, which priced for 18++ (plus 10% svc tax & 6% gov tax).
each set came together with deep fried chicken spring rolls, which seriously super nice!

deep fried chicken spring rolls

my choice; grilled lemongrass beef on rice.
the taste is delicious, but it's too dry to my liking. perhaps i love those banjir style nasi kot.

grilled lemongrass beef noodle salad
i think i love this better.

so it was a good try & worth the money.
I will consider to come to this place again next time to try the other foods.
And FYI, this restaurant serves halal meats, no pork but they dont have the halal certificate because they serves wine and beers in their premise.
Sao Nam's website: http://www.saonam.com.my

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