25 April 2013

Bangkok; Grand Palace

Ok it was a long-pending entry that I wished to post since few weeks ago, but as usual, laziness is a forever champion.

Our flight to bangkok was in the morning at 6.45 by AirAsia, and we arrived at LCCT at 5.30am. Still early in the morning but LCCT was already crowded. (-.-*) But anyway, the flight was smooth and the weather was good too.

After arriving at Don Muang Airport, the first thing that we looked for was the thai sim card. We bought the sim card from a convenience shop at the airport. Cost us 200baht which is expensive and the lady at the shop counter didn't bother to help us to install the sim card. She didn't even bother to smile! ceh! So I suggest, do not buy a sim card at the airport. You can find a cheaper sim card at 7eleven or any convenience shop outside the airport.

We took a taxi to our hotel, Legacy Express Bangkok. FYI, there will be numbers of people approaching you at the airport, asking if you need a taxi. Ignore them and just go straight to the main exit and turn left. You will see few counters at the end of the exit. Go there and get your taxi there. It's cheaper. The total you have to pay was according to the metre + 50baht + toll fee. The fee that we had to pay that day was 263baht.

anyway, i loveeee the taxi here. they have very striking colors that we can differentiate them from the other private cars.
pink, blue, orange, green, yellow. all is striking. cute~

Initially, we planned to check into the hotel that morning but since the room was not ready at that time, we just left our luggage at the hotel and head out to catch our itinerary.

Grand Palace.
This was the first place that we visited when arrived in Bangkok.
From the research we did, the entrance fee was supposed to be 400 baht but guess what? The fee has increased to 500 baht per person (RM50).
This was exactly the most expensive palace entrance fee i've ever paid in my life >.<
Uh! overpriced!

But I guess it's worth it. You can enjoy the beautiful goldish buildings here and there inside the palace area.

It's an Emerald Buddha Temple behind me. I imagined that it will be a big buddha statue inside the temple but actually, it's just a small buddha statue that I barely recognized in the first place. Anyhow, I was impressed with the interior of the temple. Very detailed and full of gold. It's unlucky that we were not allowed to take any picture inside the temple.

Even the ceiling can be that pretty ~.~


The palace compound is very big. It was super hot on that day and we couldn't stay much longer so we decided to head out but we suddenly realized that we had actually spend more than 1 hour in the palace area (-.-*)

On the way back to the jetty, we walked into a small market that selling various of stuffs. Since it's already noon, we decided to settle our lunch there. Luckily we found a stall selling halal padthai (no pork).

Only after that, zetty realized that the stall was visited by Running Man casts during their episode in Thailand last year! I dont remember which episode but I think it's the one when they visited Nickhun's family in Thailand.

see the banner behind me?

my seafood padthai, 60baht (^^,)

It's already 3pm when we arrived back at the hotel. We proceed with our check in, rest a bit and then head out to Siam to buy some clothes for that night and the next day.

Please be noted that we purposely didn't bring any clothe except the one that we wear to the airport on that day because we planned to buy everything there. Lolz~

How to get to Grand Palace:
Take the BTS (Silom Line) to Sathorn Taksin station. Look for Exit 2 (Central/Sathorn Tier).
Wait for Chao Phraya Express Boat with Orange/Green flag coming from your left, going to your right.

Tell the ticket conductor "Tha Chang" (Pier N9). Sometimes the conductor already know where you are going because most of the tourists that took the boat are going to the same pier. The fee is just 15 baht/way.
When you get out of the boat, go alongside the small shop lots that situated just next to the jetty and you will later see sort of small market. Walk out of that market and you can already see the high white wall across the road. Cross the road and walk for 100m with the wall is on your right, and you will finally see the palace's main entrance.

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