29 April 2013

Bangkok; Sirocco Sky Bar, Lebua at State Tower

I think this is one of the highlights of our trip.
Definitely worth it.
Sirocco Sky Bar is the highest open air sky bar in the world.
It's just awesome to be up there on the 64th floor of the tower and be able to see the breathtaking view of bangkok at night.
The dresscode to the bar is smart casual. So no short pants, no sport shoes, no sport attires. You would also have to leave your luggage or backpacks at the ground floor if you bring any of them.
You will be guided from the ground floor to the lift and when you arrived at the Dome, another staff will guide you to the sky bar. So everything looks so formal here -.-"

-The Dome-

Everyone will come out from the lift which located at the dome, and you will need to go down the stairs to get onto the bar.
It's an open air floor, and it's on the 64th floor of the state tower. So what do you think?
The wind's quite strong on that night and seriously, my feet was a bit shaking while walking down that stairs :S

Some people might think that it's a bit weird to wear hijab and go to that kind of place with a 'bar' on its title (I did feel the same too anyway >.<) but no worries, people came to Sirocco Sky Bar to chill and enjoy the view (what else?) and this place doesn't quite look like a bar.

From most of the reviews that I read before, the price of the drinks there are quite expensive, starting from around 450baht. I'm not really sure because we didn't order any drink that night.

you see?
incredibly beautiful~

that's Chao Praya river at night.

And there're live jazz performances every night from 730pm until 1230am everyday.
Oh and there's also a restaurant called Sirocco on that same floor. But of course we wouldn't want to spend more than 1000 ringgit malaysia just for a one time meal over there >.<

How to go to Sirocco Sky Bar:
Take BTS (Silom Line) to Sathorn Taksin station (it's the same station to go to Grand Palace).
Option 1: Take a tuk-tuk
Option 2: Walking
Look for Exit 3 (Lebua at State Tower). Go down the stairs and there will be a small road just beside the stairs. Cross the small road and walk along the pedestrian walk or you can straight away cross the main road there. Just walk around 300metres until you find a slight turn to the right. Go for about 10metres and Lebua at State Tower will be on you right.
Website: Sirocco

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  1. Sirocco Sky Bar is really stunning! The photos are wonderful, plus you include its map!
    How sweet, thanks for sharing=)

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