31 May 2013

Boracay Vacation; Day 4 - Willy's Rock, Tilapia 'N Chips

We need to leave boracay by evening to catch the 8.15pm flight to Clark from Kalibo, so on that day, we had the whole morning to chill.
Went to the beach at 7 something in the morning i guess, and it's totally the best timing to do so; the weather was still not really hot and the beach wasn't crowded.

Walked along the beach to Willy's Rock, and it took us almost 10~15 minutes to get there.

that's willy from afar.


oh hi Willy! good timing here. still not much people visiting you in the morning.

After that, we looked for the port for sea bathing, and we settled just around Willy's Rock area that's still a bit covered from the sun light -.-"

it was a bright day and it makes the beach even wonderfully beautiful.

I didn't know what time is it when we decided to get out of the beach, but during the way back to our hotel, we managed to stopped by at Real Coffee for a drink.

Real Coffee is really famous among the tourists in Boracay, but to be honest, I dont really understand what is it that is so special about the cafe. On that day, I just ordered a black coffee that cost me 80 peso (around RM6), but the taste is just so-so; nothing special and I think it's overpriced. Farah ordered a ginger tea, and what came to her later on was something strange.The waitress seemed to have no idea about what ginger tea is, so finally my friend just settled for a normal tea-bag tea. We didn't try the famous Calamansi muffin which is the signature creation of the shop anyway, but from the reviews I read, the taste is just so-so as well.

After checked out, we went to D'Talipapa , but this time it was for souvenirs hunting. FYI, the price of souvenirs at D'Talipapa are cheaper than those sold at D'Mall, and the choices are also a lot better than any other places in Boracay too. Oh, please dont be shy to negotiate on the price too hehe~

Settle with the souvenirs, we went to Tilapia 'N Chips (again) for lunch! I guess the waiter already recognized us this time and he perfectly guessing if that was our last day in Boracay. I ordered the same menu like before because I just love it so much.

Deep Fried Tilapia, served with rice and a choice of side dish, either coleslow or salsa corn.
195 peso, came together with iced lemon tea.

The best thing I love about this menu is because it's served together with red chillis. I dont really know the correct way to eat them but I just did it my way. Just put the sweet ketchup on my rice and eat it together with some fish and chilli. Jawa style zzzzzzz.

There's one menu which I think sounds like Beer battered fish and chip or something, but of course you can opt to order the menu without the beer battered thing.

So this restaurant definitely can be the best options for muslim travellers in Boracay.

>>Day 4 Expenses<<
Souvenir : P828
Lunch : P230
Tricycle to Cagban Port : P40
Boat & Transfer to Kalibo : P200
Cagban Port terminal fee: P100
Kalibo Airport fee: P40
Misc : P316
Total : P1,754

Boracay Tropics (2N) : P3,725
La Carmela (1N) : P1,366

Grand Total exclude flights: P13,349 @ RM1,001

Roughly, the total RM that I spent including for flights and 1 night expenses at Clark town is around RM1,500 :)


  1. OMG! You were in Boracay. It's definitely one of my travel wishlist. Teringin sangat nak gi Boracay. Like seriously. I've read all of your entry. Very informative. InsyaAllah, if i wanted to go nanti, i'll ask more information on the ground travel agent, i mean Romanito and Wanitto exact location.

    *Nice blog anyway. :D

    1. Hi Zara ab! Thanks for singgah :D please go!!! seriously it's a beautiful island. the white beach is still my favorite beach hahaa~ sure u can ask. i definitely will help on the information that i know :D


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