21 July 2013

Iftar @ Restoran Tupai-Tupai KL

Tupai-Tupai Restaurant is quite popular for its steamboat buffet, so I had this mind set that we gonna eat steamboat for the break fasting yesterday.
But then I realized that there's no steamboat during Ramadhan in this restaurant. T_T
What they served was actually a Malay & Western foods buffet.
Choices are quite a lot, and everything looked so tempting! 
......ya of course everything looks tempting during fasting month. even fried egg can resembles  telur bistik kan. *overr*

western corner. spaghetti bolognese, mashed potato, butter rice, lamb kebab

sandwiches and salads

malay dishes. there are lots of malay dishes served actually.

mee corner. laksa johor, laksa penang, mee kari. and even rice porridge was there.

kuih muih.

I wouldn't say that everything tasted good, simply because my stomach was not that big to take everything in.
But at least everything that I tried yesterday satisfy me.

they served tomyam campur too which was not in the picture here, but i super love it! the tomyam sangat sedap.

and here goes the eaters.......

the early birds(?)

we were among the last customers to leave the restaurant. thumbs up for us (-_____-")

the Ramadhan buffet is priced at RM55/pax nett.

Restoran Tupai-Tupai Kuala Lumpur,
Jalan Bukit Petaling Bukit Petaling, 50460 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
Phone: +60 3-2143 2525


  1. Replies
    1. xreply dekat fb cane nak ajakkk

    2. oh x, dekat post yg trah ltk dkt grup itis tula. then die invite dkt whatsapp for those yg reply nak pegi je.

  2. nmpk menarik jgk mknn kat sna.. tpi nk pegi jauh la..

    1. aah bole tahan! xsilap tupai2 ade branch dkt shah alam n bangi. mane tau lg dekat kan?

  3. Salam ziarah, surrounding restoran ni cantik, nampak mewah kan :) Tupai-tupai kat Shah Alam pun ada, nak try pegi pulak nanti..hehe

    1. hehe, bole tahan la. pegi la try~ their foods sedap jugak. worth it la insyaAllah :)

  4. owh sangat sediy ingat ke ade steamboat. hahha

    1. tau takpo. kempunan steamboat 3 hari 3 mlm. hahaha~

    2. ahahaha... seoul garden la klau nak steamboat.. takpon gi flaming.. hewhewhew

  5. Nyummy, i was enjoying this article by you.. really attempting.. meoww.


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