31 July 2013


for the past 20 days of Ramadhan, I never skip my sahur, even once.
not that because of the reason didalam-setiap-sahur-itu-pasti-ada-keberkatannya, but I've been raised up to eat my sahur every morning during ramadhan since i was a kid, so basically it's become my norm.
'kalau tak sahur nanti bole pengsan tahu tak?' yes i lived with that thought since before. =.='

so every morning i woke up to the sound of my phone's alarm, except that yesterday, i woke up for i-dont- know-the-reason-why
when checking the phone, it showed 5:00am, sharp.
perghhhh. bangga sekejap sebab dapat bangun on time la kononnya, without the help of my sahur alarm somemore.
pergi dapur, nak tuang air from kittle that i've boiled the night before into the jug.
then i started to feel weird.
because there were some azan voices.

ok, here in my area, there will be a mosque saying out an azan, or iqamah, or other term that yet to be defined, at 5am in the morning, everyday.
I don't really know the reason why, but i normally take it as a sign of wake up call for sahur.

and back to the story.
normally, the azan at that 5am would only come from one direction, meaning only that 1 particular musola is doing it.
but yesterday, they sort of coming from all directions.
but it's 5am though?
with that weird feeling, i basically ignoring it, going back to my room, take my towel, and went into the wash-room.
and i started to think about it.

only after came out from the wash-room, i remembered to look at my phone again, and realized that my BELOVED phone was actually got hang.
and i was like,

huarghhhhh why.HANG.at.this.hour. WHY???????


(carutan dalam hati took place)

upon restarting the phone, finally i realized it was actually 5:53am. Already......
no wonder the azan sounds came from many directions.
because it's already subuh time.


so for the first time in this ramadhan, i was living my yesterday like usual, but keep checking up the time, wishing it passed quickly, and praying hard that i wouldn't faint.

and actually my yesterday was doing well.

no pening, no pitam.

hoh screw me sebab thinking too much, just because i missed a single sahur time.
what a kid -_-"

but still, last night I keep checking on my phone, to make sure that it works just fine, and keep telling that stone phone not to hang again.

and thank God, it works like normal this morning.

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