11 September 2013

AXA Travel Insurance

Applying for travel insurance had never come into my concern until before the trip to Seoul this year.
I just thought that the trip this time was a bit longer than my other trips, so I need a coverage just in case if anything happens.
So me and the travel partner did a survey on some travel insurance providers and we finally decided to subscribe for AXA Travel Insurance.
The process can be done online but currently the online application is only compatible for Internet Explorer version 6.0 / 7.0 / 8.0 users.
I decided to just applying directly from its counter which located at the ground floor of Menara Boustead, Jalan Raja Chulan since it's walking distance from my workplace.

It costs me RM52/pax for 10 travel days (VIP Plan Area 1) and good thing is, we are given 25% discount if the application is done directly through the counter.
Which mean the final amount that I have to pay was just RM39/pax, (around RM3.90 per day)
or 1300 won? ok anggap jela macam beli susu pisang hari-hari. hewhewhew.
So cheap woo!

This insurance is a claim-basis, and any claims need to be done within 45 days after travel period. If all documents (receipts etc) is provided, the claim can be processed and obtained within 1 week.
This is based from what was told by the counter staff la eh. Aku belum buat claim pape lagi ni (Hopefully takyah buat claim pape la. Amin!)

So if you are looking for a travel insurance, maybe you can consider AXA. (click here for product info)


  1. Bought the same insurance for my sis as she was travelling to Greece, Spain, UK a few months back. I didn't know that they gave 25% discount if you purchase directly at the counter. All this while, bought online jek.

    1. I nvr know either. Mase tu kbetulan call them sebab nak tanya psl docs they need if any kot. Then dorg bgtau if buat direct dekat ofc ade 25% off. Tu yg pegi je. Berbaloi2~

  2. Travel insurance is a type of insurance that provides international insurance coverage during travel to a foreign country.


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