27 September 2013

Korea 2013; Samsung D'light

After having our so-called lunch near Garosu-gil, we headed to Gangnam, to visit the Samsung D'Light.
Samsung D'Light is a global exhibition space that allows visitors to see the latest products by Samsung Electronics, and also to get experiences on the interactive technologies featured in the plaza.

The plaza is divided into 3 floors.

Level B1 is a Samsung D'Light Shop. Just like other typical Samsung Electronics shops, you can find and buy any Samsung Electronics products like phones, cameras, laptops etc here. So kononnya kitorang feeling2 ala pengguna tegar Samsung kan, we tried to look for Samsung Galaxy Note III, saja nak try kan. tapi takdop pulok. Cessss.

Then we moved up to level 1F, which is Mobile Plaza. Here is a space where visitors can get experiences on the latest technologies boasted in Samsung's electronic consumer products, contohnya macam dekat bawah ni.

D'Light Stage

When we stand on the middle of the floor like below, our images and another 3D images will appear on the screen in front of us.

kene berlakon konon2 nya. 

siap ada kereta macam tengah drive  bagai on screen but sebenarnya kitorang berdiri tegak je hah.

your true choice katanya. motip sangat nak kena pilih pompuan. bagi la abang kacaks >.<

Other than that, ada jugak one computer ni yang we can type a message and not long after that the message will be displayed on the giant Message Floor macam kat bawah ni.

suraya was here <3 meh mehhhh

And then a Capture Wall~

Took a picture , got it edited a bit and then the picture will be projected on the media wall or monitors. Mencapap sangattt >.<

Imagine Beauty; Imagine Us. Hahahahahaha kbye~
Ada banyak lagi benda boleh buat dekat level ni. Main game pon boleh :D

Level 2F is a Global Gallery that showcases some history of Samsung Electronics, some of its past products and technology inventions etc, and also its vision for the future. Siap ada copy paste programming formula on the wall lagi. (>.<) Unfortunately, most of the space at the gallery is closed for renovation. (T_T)  but whatever la kan.
The best thing that caught my attention at this Global Gallery is LED lighting drums.

The lighting drum is touch-sensitive, so whenever the glass is touched, the colours of the glass wall will change. It also generates music keys that will change while you move your fingers on the wall. Macam piano key tu. Cantik ok! jakun beberapa minit di situ. hahaha~

So lepas habis berjakunan, we went out to the street. Takde hala tuju sebenarnya but then I saw some unique buildings which caught my attentions.

And not to forget this glassy, tall buildings.

So I guess it's true when people said that Gangnam is full with tall, unique buildings.

Direction to Samsung D'Light:
Gangnam Station (Line 2 Exit 8) - The exit will lead straight away into Samsung Electronics building. Go up onto the escalator and you will see Samsung D'Light shop sign.

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday [10:00 – 19:00]

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