24 September 2013

Korea 2013; Late afternoon at Garosu-gil (Tree-lined Street)

We had nothing much to do on the first day in Seoul (in fact, we didn't plan to do any activities that requires much energy), plus it was raining earlier that day. So in the afternoon after the rain stopped, we decided to head to Garosu-gil, or Tree-lined Street that located at Sinsa-dong, Gangnam. The area is famous for its unique cafes, restaurants, and not forgotten the trendy boutique shops.

The line of ginkgo trees in that area give the best and splendid scenery during autumn and even though we came to Korea literally in autumn by month, unfortunately it is still too early for the leaves to turn into yellowish gold color.

No yellow leaves. I iz sad >.<

But anyway, it still fun to stroll around that area as we saw lots of pretty and fancy cafes and shops, and I felt like hopping into each of the cafes to erm..just to take pictures (>.<)

At first we decided to go into this one cafe, AmyChoco because from the name we assumed that chocolate drinks must be its specialty. But then, the cafe is actually selling chocolates bar, and they don't serve much fancy chocolate drinks that we hoped for. So cancel la macam tu. (-.-")

And we eventually settling randomly at Gongsugan shop, and enjoying ourselves eating the tteokbokki and fried snacks which were sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and octopus.

I swear that was the spiciest yet the best tteokbokki i ever ate =O

And I never know that fried pumpkin actually tastes soooo nice and naturally sweet! Sedap gilos. Tak tau la kalau pumpkin dekat korea je yang manis camtu. Maybe pasni boleh experiment buat labu goreng. Teehee~

Direction to Garosu-gil:
Subway Sinsa Station (Line 3 Exit 8), walk straight until you see the 'Garosu-gil' street signboard to the left, like below.


  1. Alaaaa sayangnye xdapat tengok daun kuning2 emas. Aku pun teringin nak melambung daun time autumn. Hmmm kenapalah perlu cafes & shops diorang comel2 belaka. Sangat kreatif kan.

    1. terawal sgt! T_T takpela, nnt ade rezeki bole dtg time autumn. hehe.
      kannnn~ if cafes mmg xyah ckp la, mlambak yg comel. kedai2 mcm dept store ni bile nmpk yg comel unik cmni rase cm wow gile


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