29 September 2013

Korea 2013 (Jeju); Hello Jeju!~

The other 2 girls arrived on 13th Sep. We had few hours in Seoul before flying to Jeju Island that day so we initially decided to go to Bukchon Hanok Village.


But then, the weather wasn't so good. It's not raining, but it didn't look good, and we didn't want to take risk to go somewhere outdoor. So we went to COEX Mall.

Unfortunately, the mall is under construction (-__-")
Oh why semua benda nak under construction ni??? T_T

So we just headed for lunch at Namdaemun before off to Gimpo Airport.

This time around, I was also taking the advantage of using my company's staff tickets to fly to Jeju. Ok people might think 'untunglahhhh ada staff ticket' but it's not always an advantage sebab it's just a standby ticket yep. So cross finger selagi tak dapat seat T_T. 
Though I didn't have to worry much because Korean Air has frequent flights to Jeju in a day, but I swear I was praying hard that I would be able to get on board as planned. I even ran to the airport earlier than the other girls. Tsk.

The flight was quite full but, lucky me! :D

It was just a short flight which is around an hour. The other girls were supposed to be 5 minutes behind me, but then they whatsapp-ing  me telling that their flight was delayed for almost 1 hour! (T_T) Thanks to the free wifi at the airport. Kalau tak mesti aku dah menggelabah kenapa budak2 ni tak sampai2 even dah tunggu dekat sejam setengah.

When the girls arrived, it was already dark. So we straight away walked to KT Kumho counter near the arrival hall, and then heading towards the shuttle bus provided by the company which gonna take us to KT Kumho office to settle for our car rental.

Setel hal kereta, kitorang terus gerak pergi guesthouse.For the next two nights we'r gonna stayed at Seogwipo so anyone yang pernah pegi Jeju mesti tau it would take around 1 hour to reach Seogwipo from Jeju City. But since ada GPS kitorang macam senang hati jugak la even dah malam. 
Satgi ada gps pon salah jalan woi! Boleh salah masuk simpang bagai. So here the GPS stands for Guna Pon Sesat (ㅠ_ㅠ) Takpelah, tourists katanya kan. Tsk.

But anyway, we made it to our guesthouse, safely~ :D

And that guesthouse is far beyond my expectation. sangat sangat sangat comfortable and affordable! :)

So to celebrate our arrival in Jeju, we had quite a sumptuous 'homemade' dinner, at 10:30 in that night.

the only korean dishes we had that night are kimchi and the instant rice. (~.~)


  1. Huah x aci dah jejak Jeju lagi sekali.

    1. i favor jeju so far, sis. sbb byk nature based attractions ;D

    2. Sis pun suka nature based attractions. Yg less kena kacau dek manusia. Jeju; I will set foot upon ur soil one day.

  2. salam sis.. snng x nak drive kat jeju.. plan nak g jeju nnti n nak sewa kerete.. tp x confident sbb left handed kan. ade tips x.. :)

    1. salam eqa,

      d most important tip is definitely to always remember that u r a left-sided driver. hehe!

      xsusah pun drive dekat sane. mcm kite drv dekat msia ni jgk. at first mybe akn confuse a bit la kot but juz jgn takut or gabra, insyaAllah sume ok je.

      kalau rase x confident mybe i can suggest u to get out of d town once dapat kereta tu (plan ur itinerary so will go to those attractions outside jeju city on the first few days dkt jeju). sbb dkt jeju city trafik dia agak heavy kn so once u get out of d town and lalu dkt jln yg x byk traffic, at list u can drv comfortably n hv enough time to adjust urself jdik left-sided driver.

      then kalo nak pegi south jeju i recommend you to take route 1132. tu jln lbih kurg mcm persisir pantai la kot so xde la kne naik turun bukit. there're lots of route yg bole lalu kalo nk travel from jeju city to d south (seogwipo) and some routes are bit hilly. go get a jeju map and look for that route. :)

      other than that, refer to d very first tip above. good luck n enjoy! :D


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