08 October 2013

Korea 2013 (Jeju); Alive Museum

Alive Museum was supposed to be last in our to-go-places list that day but because it was noon, and we had enough exposure from the sun since morning, so the plan changed. We headed to Alive Museum instead of Cheonjeyeon Fall.

FYI, Alive Museum is a new version of Trick Art Museum in Seongeup Village (built by the same company anyway). It's located in Jungmun which is also near to some other tourists attractions like Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum, Teddy Bear Museum, and even Cheonjeyeon Fall!

From the available information, Alive Museum is divided into 5 sections which are Trick Art, Digital Art, Object Art, Provence Art, and Sculpture Art.

Trick Art

Digital Art

Object Art

Provence Art

So we walked in the museum that day, making use of almost all the available 3D arts in the best way we could, did acrobatic poses to make our pictures look 99% real with the paintings, but the walked seem never end; to the point that we were even questioning "weyh,tak habis2 lagi ke ni weyh?" "eh ada lagi ke? besar gila tempat ni. bila nak abis ni?"

I didn't stop at the Sculpture Art zone as it's located outside the museum and it was just tooooo hot that day >.<

So yeah, I think Alive Museum is definitely bigger than Trick Art Museum in Seongeup Village, and with that, it's not a waste to spend your 9,000 won for this museum ;)

Address: 42 Jungmun Gwangwang-ro, Seogwipo-si Jeju-do
Phone: 064 - 805 - 0888 (try 8050888 for GPS search)


  1. Will definitely visit the Trick Museum in Hongdae. Tu je yang mampu Dec ni. Jeju too far kekononnye. Nak imagine pose macamana nak buat nanti...sungguh poyo.

    1. and learn the angle jugak sis! make sure gmba 100% real. hehe!

  2. haa... ni tgh nak tulis pulak pasal tempat ni juga... lupa last entree dia kul brapa...


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