13 October 2013

Korea 2013 (Jeju); Seongsan Ilchulbong (성산일출봉)

Today's itinerary covered the east side of Jeju Island.
Initially, we planned to go to Seongsan Ilchulbong before sunrise but well....nobody cares about waking up so early in the morning anyway :p
We arrived there when it's almost noon and the good thing is, the weather was perfect. Sky was clear and blue while the sun was bright.

FYI, Sunrise Peak is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Jeju Island.


....Oh semua orang dah tau ke? okayyyy. #bye *motip sangat letak hash tag dalam blog post. duh*

There's a bit of hiking that we need to do, but worry not, it's not that 'extreme' kind of hiking. Just need to walk up stairs and within 15~20 minutes,, ting! "..you have arrived at your destination.."- GPS Style. 
It doesn't even matter if you want to wear high heels too but anyway, don't be stupid la ok? you're just killing your feet.

half way to the peak and we got this view

suppose to be pictures all the way onto the peak but er..i think it got mixed up?


oh yes, did i say it takes just 15~20 minutes to the peak?


big crater at the peak 

perfect, clear day :'D

We didn't spend too long on the peak because, well, other than enjoying the view, apa lagi nak buat kan?
and tho sun was bright, the wind was pretty much cold (=__=')

The best thing I love about this place this time is that they already built a different stairs to go down from the peak!
So cool~

new stairs! clap!clap!clap!

Tak payah lagi berhimpit-himpit bila nak naik or turun. T_T

Before this, all visitors were using the same stairs to go up and then going down the peak. Tangga asal tu agak sempit and steep at certain points weyh. Pastu kalau orang yang gayat macam aku memang telan air liur memanjang je masa nak jalan turun dulu. Tak kira lagi bila tiba-tiba berlanggar bahu dengan orangggg (T__T)

Anyway, masa kitorang sibuk lompat2 ni, suddenly ada group of people tegur "haaa kalau yang lompat2 ni orang malaysia la nii!"


obvious sangat ke hah? (>.<")

It's never boring to come here again. Unless if the weather's not good la kan. Kalau datang Jeju, make sure to include this in your itinerary ok! ;D

Entrance Fee: 2,000 won


  1. Perfect weather... gambar pun chantekk!

    1. tulaaaa. memang tak payah put effort banyak sangat pun nak ambik gamba tu. the weather was really perfect! :D

  2. It was such an amazing view from top! I tak boleh tahan gelak baca bile ada orang tegur ' ni kalau lompat2 ni sah orang Malaysia!' LOL!

    1. it really was! memang awesome! :D haha, masa tu dah malu jugak dah tapi lantak la. kitorang kan tourists T__T

  3. Yeap true! After all, bukan kenal pun derang! Hahaha. Let us do whatever we want.


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