25 October 2013

Korea 2013 (Jeju); Sungsanpo Ttukbaegi Restaurant (성산포뚝배기)

After Seopjikoji, we went back to the area near Seongsan Ilchulbong to look for a restaurant that we can settle for lunch. This is just a restaurant that we stopped at randomly.
But we were quite certain after meeting with another malaysian muslim who were having lunch there as well as it was recommended by their taxi driver.

From the signage, i guess braised cutlass fish (갈치조림) and braised mackerel (고등어 조림) must be its specialties.
The braised dish looks similar to our 'asam pedas' in malaysia. Taste might be different a bit la kan. And I'm definitely gonna be bias to say that asam pedas adalah lagi sedap sebab asam pedas is my forever fav dish! :p

And we settled for braised mackerel on that day.
They have the selections of small, medium, and big size in term of its serving.
Small serving consists of 2 mackerels and the unni who took our order recommend us that size.
I have this doubt like "small? 2 ekor kembung? enough eh small? we are 4 persons here, bese makan kembung sorang sekor tau kakk" but of course i said that just in my head, and we eventually agreed with small size braised mackerel (the price is 33,000 won)

the banchan


and the hungry cum tired faces >.<

our small-sized braised mackerel arrived!

the braised mackerel is so delicious! ^^

.............and it's not that small.
no wonder it is priced at 33,000 won (RM 100).
I swear we've ate the fish, a lotttt.
but we still couldn't finish them all that finally we asked the unni to tapau that leftover braised-mackerel for us.
I'm not sure if mackerel size in jeju is slightly bigger than those we have in Malaysia? (-.-")
it's also a relief that we didn't order any other dish. if not, perut kitorang pulak kang yang kembung nak makan semua lauk tu T__T

anyway, this restaurant's located very near to Seongsan Ilchulbong.
And you definitely won't miss it as it's located at the main road towards the sunrise peak and its building is quite obvious from afar too.

Our total bill was 36,000 won which I would say reasonable for the amount and the satisfaction I had :D
And please do not convert that thirty-six thousand won into ringgit. PLEASE DON'T. hahaha!

For anyone that might be looking for accomodation/guesthouse near the sunrise peak, there's a guesthouse located right next to this restaurant (same building), which is Sungsanpo Village (성산포빌리지)

Sungsanpo Ttukbaegi (성산포뚝배기)
Phone/GPS search : 784-8940 or 782-0303


  1. Kenapalah perlu diorang serve banchan super banyak...free refill pula tu. Sedap xyah cakap lah. Huhu rindu Korean food, tetiba.

    1. kann..order 1-2 dishes je tapi nampak mcm order byk gile sbb banchan tu. puas hati makan~

  2. Kau punye review memang terbaik Sur!! i likeeee :D

    1. tang mane yg terbaik pon ak xtau la nih. hahaha~

  3. OMG... dah balik baru tahu benda ni kan.. kami punya la tak tau nak cari kat mana makanan ni... kena p Jeju balik nih :p


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