01 October 2013

Korea 2013 (Jeju); Yongmeori Coast (용머리해안)

The next stop was Yongmeori Coast, which is a coastline trail near Mount Sanbang (Sanbangsan) that only can be visited during the low tide, ataupun masa air surut. Sebab bila air pasang, agak tak selamat nak jalan dekat situ since air tengah naik kan. Cari nahas je kalau nak try jalan masa air pasang sebab ombak dekat Jeju pesen macam lu langsi lu mati! dahsyat ok. Ini serius.

Opening hours is from 8am ~ 7pm (~6.30pm from nov to feb). masa tu insyaAllah air surut belaka. Tapi ombak kuat ke tak takleh gerenti. Hehe.

Masuk ikut sini!

jalan masuk -_-"

The entrance to the coastline looks way too adventurous.
We even had a doubt at first like, "No, nooo.....this couldn't be the entrance. Must be from the other side!" but anyway, the counter lady turned us down when she confirmed that this is the entrance. (-.-")

so here we go!

You know, when I first saw bunch of pictures of Yongmeori Coast on the internet, I straight away told myself that I must go here on the visit to Jeju this time!

Even though it also means that we need to face with thousands of these creatures  while walking (>.<)

this.is.just.one.little.creature. ALONE. imagine thousands of these! :O Feeling macam lipas dalam The Mummy Returns! T__T

and not forgotten the sudden wave that strong enough to hit you a bit >.<

but trust me. All these are nothing to compare with the beautiful and unique view that we got. I let the pictures do the talking.

oh, and this coastline is located very near to Mount Sanbang (Sanbangsan).

Mt. Sabang at the back

The coastline trail becomes a lot easier and flat towards the end, so some people choose to enter the coastline from the end side because..it's easy laa~

The ship below is supposed to be a museum of something.But I'm not sure if its construction has completed.

Important reminders to all visitors at Yongmeori Coast.

The walk lasts for about few hundred metres, so if you ever wanted to visit this place, just take your time, enjoy the view, and snap lots of pictures :D
and not to forget, enjoy THAT little creature(s) too :'D lalala~

Don't worry. Last time I was menggelabah at first trying to find a spot where I dont need to step anywhere near them. But I realized that they are actually afraid of human. Because they too; ran away whenever I stepped on the trail near them. Kah kah. Sama2 menggelabah aku dengan binatang ni.


Entrance Fee: 2,000 won

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