14 November 2013

Korea 2013 (Gapyeong); The Garden of Morning Calm (아침고요수목원)

"Unexpected Calmness"

Before actually came to this place, I totally had nothing in mind on what to expect from it.
I did search from google, instagram etc to get the pictures of this place and I thought it was just a normal garden with trees, flowers, trees, flowers..yah. that's all.
On that day itself, we all thought that if only we had enough time, then we would go to this place or else, we would just pass it.

And I'm glad we did.

At this point, I still had nothing to expect from this garden

The place is divided into smaller different gardens.
Obviously time wouldn't permit us to go to each and every gardens (it's a lot! plus the garden is really wide) as it's already late in the evening, so we just followed one of the suggested/best course in the brochure.

I was so glad that we made it to this place upon seeing this vast field with that green mountains at the back ^^

This garden, just like its name, overwhelmed us by its serenity.
I don't know how, but it just did. The power of nature I guess?

We took the 6.30pm shuttle bus to Cheongpyeong Station (it is the very next stop after Garden of Morning Calm and happened to be the last stop for that bus on that day). 
But if you are going back to Seoul after went to this garden, I would advise you to stop at Cheongpyeong Station as well. 
It's nearer (took around 30 minutes from the garden) and it's also actually 2 stations ahead before Gapyeong Station! :)


  1. Time summer pun dah lawa kat sini, apetah lagik time autumn kan....

  2. Subhanallah! Lawa giler. Garden ni xfemes sangat tu yang ramai macam nak xnak gi je.

    1. aah..still femes among koreans je.
      ni bukan bloom season pon da lawa if dtg mase spring xtau la cmne cntik dia.
      pastu mmg surprisingly rase calm gile kt cni..

  3. ala... kami miss this one coz not enough time. Next time we will go there. Beautiful2 place.

    1. please go~~~]mmg worth it. just avoid pegi in the middle of afternoon mase matahari betul2 ats kepala tula. other than that time should be nice~

    2. next visit... definitely going... unless the next visit are winter holiday then its pointless :p


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