13 November 2013

Korea 2013 (Gapyeong); Petite France

I was so eager to go to this place mainly because of Running Man. zzzzz
It's a small French-styled village that was built near Cheongpyeong Lake in Gapyeong.

Bus ride from Nami to this place took around 25 minutes so I spent some time to sleep in the bus. Hehe.
Ok, it's a good decision to sleep anyway because the road to this place is at the hillside and it goes ups and downs as it wished, plus the bus driver wasn't helping either. He drove super fast like a F1-wannabe (>.<")

But he's a master on that road, I admit.

We arrived safely at Petite France without a major sickness. (-__-")

There was a 'magic' show going on when we arrived, and it was quite entertaining and funny. And the 'magician' guy was kind of cute too. Haha!

I didn't took the map brochure of this village but just walked to where my feet took me.

whoever watching Running Man should be familiar with this building. Jihyo-got-eliminated moment. lol

That's Cheongpyeong Lake! (i think)

 We found this cute-chubby-fat cat in one of the showroom!
It just slept all the time and ignoring all the people that went crazy like "oh my god so cuteeeeee chubby chubby cucucucucu" upon seeing him.
And well, that's of course including me (-__-)

See?? Sleepy head (=~.~=)

But I managed to hold him. (^^)

Yet, he's still sleeping! 

....and this picture was taken not long before he got annoyed with me and decided that I deserved a little bites on my hand :'O
bad kitty! bad fat chubby kitty! ...but cute.... 

Gwang Soo & Jong Kook used to hide from Nickhun in the 1st floor toilet up there. But Gwang Soo as usual, being clumsy as he always does which finally got him eliminated. kih kih.

and here come some randomness~

Anyway, entrance fee to this place is 8,000 won.
Maybe because I didn't study about the place and didn't pay attention to the available shows on that day, I think that price was a little bit too much despite of what they offered to the visitors there.
(ok, that cute cat was a savior)
We left pretty soon by 3.40pm bus to the next location.


  1. Masa kitorang aritu entrance was 8,000won if I'm not mistaken.

    Tapi kelakar. Masuk je aritu, terus gigih explain to my friends every spots yang Running Man guna for filming. Excited sangat.

    1. haha sis! i've rechecked the entrance fee.. mmg 8,000 won je. hehe. ksilapan teknikal kt ctu. malu je -.-"
      tp if dtg and tau how to explore the place mmg ok la.if not because of RM pon mesti sy xtau psl tempat ni (>.<)


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