21 November 2013

Korea 2013 (Seoul); Bukchon Hanok Village

So here is one of the must-go attractions when travelling to Seoul.
Lies in a middle of a busy city, Bukchon Hanok Village (Anguk Station - Line 3 Exit 2) is a place where we can see hundreds of traditional houses called 'hanok' which once were homes to high-ranking government officials and nobles during the Joseon Dynasty.

Going to this place is actually quite easy, but could be a bit tricky and confusing at the same time if you don't do careful study about the directions.

okay, that confuse people is referring to us. (-__-")
Everything in the area looks similar and has the details of traditional architecture, so we thought it must be the village we were looking for when it's actually not.
We just walked and walked to the directions that we believed is correct and finally we had to ask to some random locals for help.

Source of confusion 1

No, this is not the correct place

found this interesting layout decoration outside one craft shop in the area

normal wall turns cute

Well, at least we made it to the correct village, finally. heee.

should be the correct place upon seeing the crowd

oh ya, it was super crowded.
Chuseok holiday, remember? (-___-")

cutie. i mean the puppy

btw, there are few photo spots in Bukchon Hanok Village which give the best views/buildings around the village.
Was it 6 spots? or 7? or 8? Erm..8 sounds right. I think.

Photo spot sign

View captured from the spot 

this dog was cute, before he started to bark really loud which made us all ran out of panic (ㅠ__ㅠ") bad dog.

this is another photo spot in the village. the view towards the house up there from down this road. it would be nice, if without all these crowd.

random. we were looking for house number thirty-something (35 maybe?) but couldn't find it as the houses weren't really organized accordingly to their numbers and house number 35(?) was strangely gone.

it was fun strolling anyway even though it's really hot that day.


  1. Ruginya, saya datang sini waktu malam, its 6pm actually tapi hari dah gelap.

    1. too bad :(
      late autumn mmg cepat la gelap kn.
      tempat ni mmg agk nice..traditional house kan..
      nx time if ade rezeki pegi korea lg jgn lupe singgah sini! ;)

  2. itulah pasal, sebenarnya tak puas jalan area hongik university tu lagi. Sepupu macam ajak datang balik masa spring nanti. ^^

    1. spring will be nice! my fav season! hehe..
      sile pegi sile pegi!
      if ade mase, pegi jeju jugak. it's so nice there mase spring :D

  3. aisey... was planning to go here but x jadi, xpe ada alasan utk ulang korea... weeeeee


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