06 November 2013

Korea 2013 (Seoul); Catching the sunset @ N Seoul Tower

So i'm back at this tower again, hoping to get good captures of the sunset.

and the sun was perfectly round by the time we got into the cable car.

upon reaching at the tower's cable car station, we found a good spot where we could actually see the sunset clearly but unfortunately, the sun has decided to hide behind the clouds. what a shy sun. (....)

so here are some whateverrr~ pictures around the tower area.
I mean, they are so random.


random city view

love padlocks

okay, looking for the right setting to take good night-mode pictures just makes me a forever dumb. 
i still can't understand how it works, so i just give up in the end, like...WHAT-EVAAAA (T_T)


  1. I am forever a sunset/sunrise lover. That round sun definitely is beautiful.

  2. Cantiknya....saya suka gambar2 yang dipost.

  3. ok sunset... sangat jelous... k bye :p


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