28 November 2013

Korea 2013 (Seoul); Changdeokgung

The main reason we were here was because of the Secret Garden tour.
But then, it wasn't our luck as the garden was closed on that day.
Not sure why, but heard that it is due to public holiday (chuseok festival). Was it? tsk.
So we just went it for sightseeing around the palace.

Again, digging into the history of this palace is totally not my interest.
The only thing I know is that this palace is one of the 4 grand palaces during Joseon Dynasty in Korea.

Other than that, we should just enjoy the view, shouldn't we?
It was a beautiful (and hot T_T) day for sightseeing after all~

The main entrance, Donhwa Gate/ Donhwamun

Quite lots of people. Mostly Koreans

blue sky ;D

All palaces I've ever visited have the same roofs' style and design. And colors. They are always red,green, also a little bit of blue and yellow.

So I just captured all these pictures randomly, without knowing what's the purpose or history of the buildings/rooms/pavilions back then during the ancient time. (@_@)

Beautiful day

entrance to Secret Garden. too bad it was closed for tour on that day :(

Some random pictures, as usual :D

So, this visit marks the 3rd grand palace i've visited after Gyeongbokgung and Changgyeonggung. 
And Jongmyo Shrine too.
Hurm, I don't know what's happening, but actually my each visit to Korea has at least one palace or historical place included in the itinerary, though I'm not the person that appreciate history that much. (-.-")
But it's not a bad idea anyway ^^

Entrance fee: 3,000 won
Secret Garden tour: 5,000 won


  1. Lawanye langit biru...perfect for photography. We were drained out of energy masa nak masuk Secret Garden tu. Plus, kena tunggu another 2/3hours for the next tour. Hihi I'm a history person tu yang memang suka melawat tempat2 macam ni. Next trip nak terjah Gyeongbuk the other day xsempat.

    1. aah mmg cantik sangat aritu..but agak panas la. basah gak ketiak jln dr bukchon g palace ni (-.-"). untungla sis mmg suke history..at least mesti tau d story psl each palaces kan..
      trase rugi aritu xdpt msuk garden tu. nx time if ade rezeki insyaAllah~

  2. Secret garden tour tu ada kaitan ngan drama tu ke?

    1. er...tidak tahu la sy. hehe!
      nak masuk ctu sbb most ppl said it's beautiful in there especially when it's autumn, even mse tu pokok tak kuning or merah sgt lg pon (-.-")


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