20 November 2013

Korea 2013 (Yongin); Everland

Even though I've been to Everland during my visit to Korea last year, but I didn't feel hesitate at all to revisit this place.
If I'm a student or somehow living in Korea, I definitely would register for the annual pass to this theme park.
I think it'll never boring to be there again and again as the park is really bigggg and even after 2 visits, I still couldn't cover all attractions there (ㅠ_ㅠ)
Ok, call me immature or whatever but I'm forever young at heart y'all :p haha!

How to go to Everland?

That day, we went by taking bus No. 5700 at Jamsil Station.
Look for Exit 6 and make a u-turn after come out from the exit.
Cross the road to the middle bus stops. There are few stops there so make sure to look for bus #5700 stop.

Luckily the bus wasn't full and we were able to sit along the journey.
Guess what?
The traffic's suck and moved very slow! Because it was Chuseok that day (19th Sep 2013), the road was really full of vehicles.  (-____-")
It's really not a good idea to travel far from the city. So everyone, if u can, please avoid travelling outside Seoul during big festival/holiday like this in Korea ok?
But we were still lucky that we didn't stuck on the road for a very longgggg time. Arrived at Everland a little after 1 hour or so (^^).

Another thing to remember if you decide to go to Everland is that they always have a special discount for foreigners which can save your money for 1 meal.
So before the travelling date, make sure to check on their website (here), print the coupon, and bring it later on with you.

But then, just when we were about to queue to buy our tickets on that day, one Everland staff suddenly approached and told us to queue at the Information Counter as they have a special price for foreigners due to the Halloween festival week.
Instead of 32,000 won that we supposed to pay with the discount coupon, we eventually paid just 25,000 won! A total saver of 15,000 won. It's a lot ok! *happy*

but of course, the queue was super long. seriously longgggggg.
and it's hot some more.

The parade started not long after we entered into the theme park

Four Seasons Garden

That's Holland Village behind there

almost all decorations have fake funky pumpkins

And coffin too... (-__-")

Anyway, Everland is divided into 5 major sections as below.
Have I mentioned that this place is seriously big?
One day won't be enough (or it might be too rush) to enjoy everything in there so it is best to check for their suggested courses or just highlight each main attractions that you wanted to try and go for them first before proceed to something else.

the major sections

Somewhere at the Rose Garden

Highlight of the day;

T-Express !

;;claimed to be the steepest wooden roller coaster in the world. phewww~

Cuak tapi mahu..tapi tak mahu..macam mahu jugak nih. Eh ke tak mahu? (*_*)

T-Express is located inside the European Adventure, and we had to go through this Horror Village entrance first.

Last year, I didn't manage to ride on this roller coaster. So this time, I felt so determine like "I HAVE TO RIDE IT THIS TIME NO MATTER WHAT!" even though the feeling was sort like pushing and pulling in between want and don't want to.

Anyway, we go for it in the end.
Had to queue for almost 2 hours, and hearing the scream every time the roller coasters moved were not really helping to calm down the nerve. (*__*)

It's almost dark when it's finally our turn to ride. A sunset time. So I thought maybe we could just enjoy the view because you know, the view during sunsets is so magnificent. But mannnn, of course I'm kidding. I wasn't even on my right mind when I realized that the roller coaster's started to move. All I could do was just praying that everything's gonna be fine..........and of course it WAS NOT FINE AT ALL!~~ I felt like dying for 2 minutes SO IT WASN'T FINE but still, SUPER FUN! haha!

we made it! *proud*
hidung kembang kempis.

It's already night when we finished the ride so we straight away headed to the exit and catch bus #1500-2 to Sadang Station.


  1. Kan? Theme park tu sangat lah besar even after 2 visits pun still xdpt cover semua areas. I haven't been to Zootopia, first time just bergambar ngan mascot kat depan entrance je.

    That roller coaster memang forever jadi impian jelah. I will never ride it! As the age increase, I found myself not as brave as before. Dulu boleh je ulang 2-3x triple coaster kat Sunway Lagoon. Now? Sekian terima kasih jelah. Haha.

    1. arrrr sy pon belum masuk zootopia lagi! animal lover katanye tp 2 times pegi pun x sempat masuk T_T

      hehe, sy sbnrnye gayat sis but i always love roller coaster. ls time mcm ralat gile xdpt try t-express tu so diz time mmg tanam azam nk jgk try. mmg btul2 die 2 minutes. (*__*)

  2. theme park ni nampak macam comel-comel... ^ ^

    1. it is! sume mmg comel2. then berubah according to seasons!

  3. Hi Suraya.

    I read on some other blogs that you're not allowed to wear hats or scarves when taking the T-Express. Is that true? Many thanks :)

    1. hi fadzilah~

      based on my experience, there's no problem to wear scarf (as in tudung right?). just make sure you pin them well. but hat might not be allowed sebab takut tertanggal nanti kan? :)

  4. Yay! Thought I'd have to give the T-Express a miss. Thanks a lot for your reply :D


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