19 November 2013

Namsan Guesthouse 3 @ Myeongdong

We stayed at Namsan Guesthouse again, mainly because of its location which very near to almost everything in the city.
5 minutes walk to Myeongdong subway station, Myeongdong shopping street is just across the main road, the cable car station to Namsan Tower is like 10~15 minutes away by walking.

At first, I tried to book for a room at Namsan Guesthouse 2, but unfortunately, all rooms were fully booked on the requested dates (-__-").
However, the staff suggested me to contact Namsan Guesthouse 3, and that's what I did.
2 rooms were booked at first because Namsan 3 used to provide only twin rooms, but a month before the vacation just when I was about to email them for our booking confirmation, I happened to open their website to find out that they already have 3+1 room! 
So I quickly emailed them, asking if it's possible to change the room.
Unfortunately, the room is not available on our date but to my surprise, Namsan 3 staff had offer me with a room that is even better and can accommodate all four of us in a room!

*all pictures are courtesy to Namsan Guesthouse 3 management*

So yeah, here is VIP B room Namsan 3 which costs KRW 100,000 per night for 4 persons.
Our room's layout was a bit different from the picture though. And our toilet was slightly smaller too. (-.-")
All of the facilities are attached in the room, as you can see. Kitchen, refrigerator, washing machine.
Awesome isn't it?

This room is located at a different building from main Namsan GH 3, but it was just few seconds by walking. So, er, not that far la weyh. (^^)

I have no major complaint about this room.
Just, even the room was named as 'VIP', but the entrance to its building is not really VIP-like.
And plus, the only foods provided at VIP rooms building were just breads, instant noodles, and MAXIM instant coffee.
AND, if you want to use any other facilities like the iron etc, you still need to go to the main building of Namsan GH 3.
But I don't remember went to the main building other than during checked in and checked out though. hehe!

So there's no problem anyway.
It was a comfortable stay as the room is spacious enough for 4 people.
Totally recommended :D


  1. salam kenal suraya…..kros tgh dok survey trip korea…good info & really nice pictures. tq sis

    1. salam sis~
      thx for finding it informative for u.

      hope sis will hv an awesome trip nnt! :D

  2. we stayed at the Moon Sun guest house. Just across your place. When did u went there?

    1. oh yeke? dekat jela rupenye.
      i went there in sep actually. lame dah. hehe

    2. selisih bulan la mcm tu.. kami sampai 10 okt 13.

  3. I recently email them, to book a room at NG 2. Unfortunately they are fully booked. But the management suggested me the new NG 4! Just next to the NG3 building. Woot!

  4. yessss they alrdy hv 4 gh in myeongdong!
    mesti bsns doing good tu. baguslah, at least ade more options if nk stay dkt myeongdong kan~
    masa i went there tu NG4 x bkk lg rasenye. so lucky u dpt stay dkt gh baru! :D

  5. hi suraya,

    Sy nk tnya pendapat kalo sy ber3 org semua girl, bilik yg awak stay include kitchen ke? sebab sy mmg cari bilik like this bcz easy kan...maklum la semua gegirl, then if awak x keberatan bole email sy intinerary korea utk 5hari, tq

    1. hi diyana, we were in group of 4 mse pegi korea last time, and ambik bilik ni, so i think kalo ber-3 mmg takde prob lgsg pon la :)
      yup, ade kitchen in a room, so xde prob kalau nak msk bende2 simple tu.

      sure i can email u d itinerary. bole bg emel address? :)

    2. hai suraya, kami ber4 akan ke sana pd 7-13Nov ni, boleh email itinary


    3. hi rahayu, bole bagi email?

  6. Salam
    Saya n family insyallah akn kekorea
    pd 28-2/6/16 sermai 5 dwasa, phk namsn
    suggest utk blik vip ni, saya nk tanya bilik dia ok ke, bleh msk dak. Semua kelengkapn ada ka. Dan lgi satu sarpn halal atau tidak. Llu boleh you tlong email kak saya itenerary you masa kat sana, sebab saya cdang nk pi sendiri. Email asharmt@ yahoo.com. Sory la bnyk sangt tanya.


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