04 November 2013

Walking down the memory lane. Kononnya.....

So we went back to the place where we had spend our life at for 4 and a half years as students, to attend our friend's convocation as she finished her master degree in IT.

We all knew that looking for the accommodation would be so challenging during this period because usually,
all the nearest homestays and hotels would be fully booked.
And of course we wouldn't want to spend hundred(s) of ringgit for hotel just to sleep for 1 night (which will be less than 8 hours).
We tried to contact a hotel at Bandar Seri Iskandar, asking for a room even though we were 99.9 percent sure that it's gonna fully booked but, try, u know?

and it's full. as expected.

We eventually got a deal for RM15 per person per night, at a very near location to our university;
or to be specific, it's located inside the campus.

yes, we got to stay at the hostel.

a fifteen ringgit room with this sunrise view :D

v4 :)

and what's the point coming to this nostalgic place without spending a little time
at those places that we used to hangout and lepaking together yearssss ago kan?

so we went to Nasi Vanggey for lunch, and this was actually the first time we are here.

then, headed to Majestic Station or Ipoh Railway Station, initially to take some pictures around...

we were looking for this Majestic Station Hotel Ipoh only to find out that the business had been closed down. deyyy laa.

alah alahhhhh. omey angattt. *lempang muka kiri kanan*

.....and we ended up lepak-ing there for a bit.

then realizing that this was actually our first time doing something like this in Ipoh too (-___-")

sunset's coming :)

had so called a 'tea-time', the sinful one, at Mc Cafe.

that choc lava cake at Mc Cafe was super good!!

went back to UTP, and we stopped by at the Convo Fair eventhough there's nothing really interesting.

.......but ended up buying few tshirts from a booth there. duh!

And here's Chancellor Complex, or the UFO. lolz~

some randome pictures;

and the Jedi Wannabe so whatever from the Star Wars. (~.~)

oh, did I say we went to UTP for our friend's convocation?
We only got to meet that girl on the very next day. zzzzzzzzzz~

and that's also without her wearing the convocation robe. aigooo. (-____-")

and guess what? I tried archery for the first time in my life! :D
..but of course all the attempts => failed (T__T")

anyway, she got the evening session for the convo ceremony, so we couldn't wait till the end.

so ya, it was a well-spent weekend.
it was short, and a bit tiring, but it's so fun to be back at the place that we once hope to get out of it
as fast as we can, but now we miss every moment we had while we were there.


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