06 December 2013

Korea 2013; Chilgabsan Restaurant (칠갑산) @ Insadong

If you come to Insadong, perhaps you can consider to have meal at this restaurant.
>>Thanks to BudgetTravel2Korea for the tips about this place ;) <<

We came here for a late lunch after our visit to Changdeok Palace.
Since I've been here before, looking for this place this time around was a lot easier.

Our meal :D

Kimchi Jjigae~ Please ask the waiter not to put any meat (gogi / dwaeji)

Grilled fish. Can't remember what fish. I think it's mackerel

Kamjajeon or Potato Pancake. Seriously delicious! 

Honestly, I like all of the foods I ate there on that day.

Direction to Chilgabsan Restaurant:

From Anguk Station Exit 6, walk straight for 100m.

You will see a shop selling handbags on your left like above. There's an Information Counter right in front of the shop. Take the road like shown above.

The Information Counter

Head into Insadong Road (인사동 길)

Walk until you pass by the infamous Ssamziegil on your left

You will see a pharmacy like above, '수도약국' (Sudoyakguk), so take a left turn right after it.

The road name is 'Insadong 10-gil'  ;)

Walk straight and please be alert for the blue road name sign like above. It's written as 'Insadong 8-gil' by the way. Turn into the alley right after you see the road name sign.

Walk into the alley and pay attention to the restaurant name which is written in hangul (칠갑산). The restaurant will be on you left.


  1. besnye jjcm kt korea..
    kalau su pegi korea lagi helo-helo la kita
    nak tumpang trip awak!
    i am eyeing busan.. :)

    1. jjcm katenye..hahaha~
      insyaAllah bole je! ade je niat nk g sne lg just donno when.
      busan pon kte da lme usha2 sbnrnye! blum sempat jejak kaki -.-"

  2. Same route to the vege buffet cafe we went last time...paling best kalau dapat service. Makan dengan super senang hati.

    1. aah! last time nk crik vege restaurant tu sbnrnye tp die x bkk at that time ktorg dtg.
      so end up g kedai ni je..hehee

  3. Saya berjaya pergi ke restaurant ni..!!!! Memang sedap makan fermented tuna dia.. besar dan banyak. Dah la harga dia pn murah.. sangat best. Lepas tu shopping souvenirs kat Insadong memang tak ingat...hahahhaa...
    Come n visit my blog, zinziemeewah.blogspot.com
    Baru ada 2 entry..hehheh coz i just started blogging sb nak share my awesome journey with others :-)


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