26 September 2014

Bali - Dolphin Interaction @ The Dolphin Lodge

When it comes to 'dolphin in Bali', the thought that comes to mind will be dolphins watching in Lovina, kan?
But instead of travelling for hours to Lovina, and having to leave as early at 4am (if u stayed in Kuta area) as the dolphins are usually in sight in the morning, sebenarnya ada one place in Serangan area which located just 30 minutes away from Kuta yang kita boleh pergi if nak tengok dolphin.
Lagi best,  the guests can have a physical interaction with the dolphin.
You know, that physical contacts like touching touching, hugging hugging, kissing kissing.
Haha sounds like a pervert pulok ni.
But anyway, I don't kid about it :D

Almost all dolphins dekat lodge tu were previously rescued.
Rasanya mostly tersangkut dekat fishing net kot?
Even the dolphin yang kitorang dapat jumpa on that day pon having her right eye blind sebab terkena fishing hook.
But it doesn't make her any less cute anyway :D

At around 9am, a driver from the The Dolphin Lodge came to fetch us from our villa to their head office in Serangan.
We then went on a short boat ride to the dolphin lodge.

So people, meet our dolphin of the day, Jasmine!
*clap! clap! clap!*

And that is Jasmine's caretaker, Aswar. He's one funny guy anyway :)

We got to see Jasmine did a few tricks, fed her with tunas, and of course given a chances to do few physical contacts with her.

You know, kissing a dolphin is a must when you get a chance to do so.
Though it means you gonna have an awkward pose. Like, awkwardddddd~~
Tak sure masa tu nak buat apa sebenarnya.
Macam banyak sangat pose nak buat in one time (-__-")

Harapnya...... couple di atas tidaklah kisah tiba2 ada stranger post gambar dorang ni (-__-)

Btw, each dolphin (currently they have 11) has their own space/section, lepas tu cuma 6-7 persons will be allowed to be in each section at a time.
We have a couple from Rome, another couple from Aussie and the 3 of us together in a same section on that day.

Jasmine in action.

Jump jump!
Jasmine ni gemuk. Lompat tak berapa tinggi sangat pon. Ada double chin pulok hahaa~

She loves belly rub (^___^")

And she loves tuna, of course.
Aswar told us that she eats 10kg (or was it 7kg?) of tuna everyday. Maigodddd. No wonder she's fat.

It was amazing, of course!
I never thought that I would have such experience in my life.
Fishes usually would avoid human contact, but jasmine, she doesn't mind at all (I think she loves belly rub the most :D)

Lepas tu aku ingat mula2 aku akan geli la sebab tak pernah2 dalam hidup peluk ikan kan, but Jasmine's just too cute sampai rasa bukan setakat nak peluk je, rasa macam nak culik balik mesia terus!

Of course it will be better if they can live freely in the sea like they supposed to, but at least it's a relief seeing the dolphins there are taken care of very well. <3

price per person : USD79
(price included return transfer from/to hotel & refreshment after the interaction session)


  1. wow.. i like it :) I should go there and blog about this place tooo...

  2. kiss kiss touching touching eh...ahaks gnba matsaleh tu prektis kissing sblom kiss dolphin ke. hahaha

  3. ahahaha mat salleh perlu ke prektis2 bab bende cmtu weyh? XD


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