18 January 2013

Bercakap Pasal Politik

I'm really hopeless when it comes to commenting about politics.
Like seriously, I'm a politic dumb dumb.
And oleh yang demikian, saya adalah benci when people trying to give all-their-hearts comments pasal their preferred party, which most of the time, they don't talk about what is it that their beloved party can give if they win the election, apa yang best sangat parti kesayangan dorang tu, but instead they talked bad about other parties. be it yang sokong government, be it yang sokong pembangkang. termasuk la yang sokong parti islamik tu.
Bila tiba bab mengutuk, kau tak ingat dah dosa pahala semua. Shame on you guys.
As of me, I'm still chosing. Parti bebas mungkin?
Infact, I still haven't register myself as a voter. Ye called me tak bertanggungjawab. I don't mind.
I'm too busy until I forgot about voter's registeration period.
Nanti tunggu the next 5 years jela.
Tapi sebenarnya, I think changes is good.
The current party dah pegang kerusi since merdeka lagi so I guess they are being too comfortable, thinking that takde parti lain yang layak to take their place.
And I think tak salah if I say that some of these politicians dah lari dari tujuan perjuangan parti. You know, it's more for their personal benefit.
But on second thought, aku rasa tukar politic party to govern the country bukan nya macam tukar baju.
Kalau tukar baju agak agak kau tak suka, boleh selamba campak baju tu then ambik baju lain.
But this is changing the politic party to lead a country with millions of people living in it that I talked about.
Kalau salah pilih maknanya kita macam pertaruhkan diri sendiri la.
Ok whatever it is, tak kisah siapa pun menang but they need to use the 5 years they have to prove everything that they have promised to the citizens.
And in case kalau pembangkang yang menang the election, tolong la jangan guna alasan 5 tahun is too short for them to implement and improve everything; like, the party before them had since Merdeka to govern the country so they definitely need more time to prove themselves.
Come on, at least they dont need to start from scratch.
It's either you take it, or leave it.

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