12 August 2012

Korea Spring 2012; Day 4 pt. 1 - Seoul Animation Center, National Science Museum

We started day 4 with a breakfast at Caffe Bene in myeongdong (just across the street from our guest house's side, or subway line 4 myeongdong station exit 7/exit 8).
basically, what made us (specifically me and zetty >.<) wanted to come here is because of this;

ouww his face was blocked there.
here we go!

jang geun suk!
oh yes. i am admiring him after watching 'you are beautiful' drama, and it wasn't because he acted so well there but because i'm so much in love with his voice when he sing. hehe.

the selection of waffles and cakes were just driving me crazy because i didn't know which want to choose.
everything looks so tempting! >.<

apparently almost all cafe & big restaurant in korea use this kind of thing to indicate if your orders are ready for you. it'll vibrate whenever your order is ready and you can come to the counter to claim it. practical isn't it?

the presentation of the waffles are beautiful. rasa sayang nak makan >.<

Seoul Animation Center

Location: I think the nearest subway station might be subway line 4 myeongdong station exit 2 but you have to walk a bit.
Fee: Free

So after had our breakfast, we headed to this place that we accidentally found when exploring N Seoul Tower the day before.
and we were just walking to this place because it's not really far from our location.

exploring the short cut like a boss. zzzzz.
and we made it to the animaton center without major trouble. (^^)v
basically, seoul animation center is the place where all the korea's animation models are exhibited. they even have the movie theatre devoted for just animations, themed exhibition hall, animation studio, and cartoon museum.

-Arpo exhibition hall-

can u see pororo?
actually that's the only cartoon that i ever recognize and all thanks to Running Man! hahahaha~

well actually, everything in the center is decorated with a cute interior, including the toilet.
so, taking picture in a cute place like this should be a MUST!


ok ok.
done with all that cute things.

National Science Museum

Location: Subway Line 4 Hyehwa station, exit 4. Turn left after the stairs and walk or about 200m.
Fee: 1000 won

Basically, i was eager to go to the science museum after watching Running Man. so u see, running man has played quite a helpful role in making me deciding of where to go.

But then.................................
it seemed to be the wrong national museum. (T____T)
i'll tell you why.

the science museum from outside.
nothing's weird with this.

but once we were inside, i already felt that we went to the wrong museum.
it looks smaller than what i saw it should be and it were full with kids.
like seriously, every visitors in there were kids, and the only adults were probably the staffs and also parents to those kids >.<
you know, the feeling macam pergi pusat sains negara kalau dekat malaysia ni. penuh with kids je. aiyayaya~

ya, it's a science museum so what do you expect?
learning about heat, how tornado is formed, gravity. zzzzz.
and they also have a..er..planting class? 

but maybe this could be the only thing that caught my interest.
there's a machine that could take our picture and the picture would appear in that big pyramid screen.
hehe. vain all the way =O

and then, we found out that the science museum we actually wanted to go to is Gwacheon national Science Museum which is located and subway  line 4 Seoul grand park station (exit 5).
moral of the story- lain kali check tempat betul betul. zzzzzzzzzzzz

so ya, day 4 hasn't finish yet, but this is already a long post so i'm going to continue it in the next entry.

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