15 May 2013

Phuket Getaway

Since 'Phuket vacation' thing is already too mainstream for Malaysians, i think it would be appropriate for me to update about the vacation to this 'mainstream' destination first, even though I still have pending posts about the previous vacations; Just because I don't have to share much about the information but pictures, since people can go search for so many information about phuket from other blogs. heh~

we did not do much thing there.
Makan, jalan tanpa tujuan, makan, massage, tido, makan...makan.
A total relaxing getaway ^^

the infamous Patong Beach.
Totally love it when there're not much people sunbathing by the beach.
Langsung tak sesak and terjaga sikit mata aku daripada mengusha badan 6 packs.

Bangla Road.
Crowded at nights and yet, I don't find it interesting (or perhaps I went there when the night's still too early?)
But I found a creative decoration in one of the bars there!

Some people said that it's quite difficult to find halal food in Phuket but I dont think so?
banyak je kedai makanan halal, lagi2 middle east-styled cuisines.

- Halal local foods can be found especially around the masjid area.
- The below pictures is banana-nutella pancake from 'Pancake Flying' stall, owned by a Pattani guy who can speaks malay well. The stall is located in Jungceylon Shopping Mall
- Local foods by Kusuma Seafood restaurant. The tomyam and sweet & sour siakap deserve the thumbs up! And not forgotten, the owner and the waiters can speak malay too ^^

ok, activity harus - Phi Phi Islands trip
We took a package by S.W.A.T Adventure Travel (1,400 baht/pax), which the package is included together with insurance, halal lunch buffet @ Phi Phi Don & snorkelling equipments.
Trip ni cover visit to 8 places tapi aku boleh ingat 3 tempat je.
Phi Phi Don sebab lunch dekat sana.
Monkey beach sebab patutnya nak usha2 monyet (perlu ke?) tapi sekor monyet pun nan hado that day. Note aku jatuh dalam air masin ada la T.T
Maya Bay. just because, I always love this place ^^

ada hikmah phone jatuh dalam air.
at least aku sentuh la jugak camera aku tu -_-

btw, we stayed at The Sea Patong Hotel.
quite a new hotel, and totally love it!
Spacious room (sangat luas), Good receptionist, harga ok, and not forgotten the breakfast place, called 76 Bar, is one of the beautiful hotel's breakfast place I've ever tried.
Actually, tempat breakfast tu it's sister's hotel yang punya, The Nap.

Aku rasa ni holiday yang aku tak rasa penat pun.
Ok except during the islands trip, rasa macam seksa sikit sebab ombak ganas. sangatttttt ganas. nasib aku tak mabuk laut. T_T

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