08 September 2013

PTD Interview

I'm not really in a right position to share about my experience, but I just hope that this somehow, can help other candidates who will be going for the interview in a near future. Or anyone who was looking for keywords 'PTD Interview' in google and happened to land here. hehe.

I was fortunate to get informed about the interview 1 month before the date, so I can say that I have enough time to prepare. But that enough time is not enough eventually T_T I'll tell you why later.

As I don't have anyone working as PTD that I personally know to ask about how's the interview going on and everything, I was just depending on the forum or blog where everyone that basically has gone for the interview are sharing about their experiences, what was asked, how's the interviewer, and everything.
so if you are looking for a good site to know about that, check out http://tipsptd.com/blog/sesi-temuduga-ptd-2013/#comments . read the comments. there're lots of people sharing about their experiences there :)

anyway, back to my experience.

my interview took place at SPA KL.

Datang SPA, pergi bilik urusetia, dia settle documents sikit, dapat nombor giliran, then terus pergi to the designated waiting room.

While waiting for my turn, one of the candidates who had just finished her session told us that her interviewers didn't ask anything related to government's efforts, or any technical/facts related questions. All they asked was just related to her experience with her current job. So I was quite relief because I thought it would be easier thay way, and hoping that my interviewers would ask me only that kind of questions too.

But harapan hanyalah impian. I guess it's all depending on the interviewers themselves.

There were 2 interviewers; SPA representative & Department representative (wakil jabatan).

The first few questions were handled by the SPA representative.

1. The normal 'tertib' for interview. He asked me to introduce myself.
2. Why do I choose to works with government after 3 years working in private sector
3. What do I understand about 1Malaysia
4. NKRA; what is it, and the key areas. The interviewer didn't ask me to explain about NKRA in details. he just wanted to know if I understand about this effort by the government.
5. From the previous question, he asked my opinion about how reducing crime can influence the economic growth of Malaysia. 

Then the session moved to a second interviewer.
We have a chat about random things a bit, before he asked his first question.

1. Explain about national administration system / sistem pentadbiran negara. I'm not really sure what's the exact, most correct answer but I explained about Kabinet which he later acknowledged as the administration system at federal level, and further asking me to elaborate about the administration system at state level, and also Kerajaan Tempatan.
2. Blue Ocean Strategic. What is it?

The session with the department representative didn't go really well anyway. I got the first question right, until he asked me about the kerajaan tempatan that responsible to rule and manage my hometown area. I was a bit 'unfortunate' here because the representative eventually had an experience working in that area for quite some times. He knows that area well, so screw me because I got the answer wrong T_T. 
And as for the second question ---- I screwed up BIGGGG time. because I dont even have any idea of what it is. Like, blue ocean..... what? T____T I came back home and searched for this only to realize that I've learned this during my Business Management class, but how am I supposed to remember something that already passed for yearssss? 
And where's my TPP question? How about PPPM? tsk. 

But the good thing is, both of my interviewers are kind. very kind. I didn't even feel nervous or stress once I stepped into the interview room that day. It was the thing that I most grateful for ;) 

So anyway, all the best guys!

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