28 September 2013

Korea Travel; BaB Restaurant @ Hongdae

on our very first night in Seoul, we decided to have our dinner at BaB Restaurant since it is located at the same subway station as our guesthouse, so we would not have to travel far to go back after that.

The restaurant is recommended by BudgetTravel2Korea btw, and it's vegetarian-friendly ;)
I guess they might already lots of muslim travelers came to dine at this restaurant kan?

The menu is in Korean, but what is available for muslim travelers like us are Sundubu Jjigae (soft tofu stew), Dwenjang Jjigae (Soybean paste stew) and Bibimbap. All of them is priced at 7,000 won/meal.

things i love about korean foods; they serve banchan / side dishes. A lot of them. Which basically gonna make our table full, like we ordered lots of foods when we just actually ordered 2 dishes. Teehee~

We ate Sundubu Jjigae and Dwenjang Jjigae which were really yummyyyyy and because we were really hungry at that time, rasa macam heaven gila jumpa nasi! FYI, there's no meat that they used as a paste in any of those 2 dishes.

Direction to BaB Restaurant:
Subway Hongdae Station (Line 2 Exit 9)

1. After getting out of the subway station, walk straight (around 100m~200m) until you found quite a big four-junctions. You will walk passed IBK and CitiBank along the way.

2. Turn left at the junction. Locate that Caffe Bene at the junction for your reference.

3. Walk straight until the end of the road where you will see the entrance gate to Hongik University. At this point you have to cross the road to your right

4. Walk straight after crossing the road.

5. Just go straight when you see this right turn

6. You will pass by a small hill park on your right.

7. Right after that park, you will see a row of building. The first store will be 'Quickly', and BaB Restaurant is right on its second floor.


  1. Hi does the restaurant sell meat or chicken?

    1. hi~

      i'm not sure about chicken, but this restaurant serves beef as they have bbq beef in their menu.

  2. Assalam
    Is this restaurant halal or a vegetarian restaurant? Is the bbq beef halal?

    1. salam...
      it's vegetarian friendly.
      the menu like dwenjang jjigae, sundubu jjigae and bibimbap are not mixed with any beef.
      but i think the bbq is totally not halal. :)

  3. what time the shop opens and closes?


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